What are the most important steps when building a brand audience from scratch?

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As my team and I are pushing sales for our startup ratesight.com, we are working on building an audience as well. We don't have much of a marketing budget, so I want to know what you think are the most important things we can do to begin to build an audience, for free.
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    Start doing SEO from scratch, add social media activity (FB, T, G+), make related buzz about your business in other related communities. Use remarketing for users who've visited your project. Make some quality contet, get your user's contact data (emails) to communicate with them effectively. There are plenty of activities to make and they won't cost you a fortune.
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    Building an Audience means gaining fellowers who trust you and are in the "good mood" for becoming reccurrent buyers.

    So...what it the best strategy? Email Marketing of course!

    If you want to build an audience you have to provide first something very valuable for the audience you are targeting, i mean something they really need, and of course in exchange of your valuable informations, they need to provide their mail.

    So you can statisfy their need of infos, telling them how to do or find what they lack, and then provide the unique solution which obviously is a paid product.

    BUT first you have to build faith in your advices, show your expertise with this audience.


    The sources are endless but nowadays the king of the big data is Fb Ads.
    Master fb ads and then others.

    Then you can easily differentiate your advertising channels, with google adwords for display network, solo ads etc.
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    Guest Posting is best for your buzz its really helping in you sales
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      This is one I've come across quite a bit. Where do you suggest guest posting for a saas company?
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        give me your company URL or name so i will provide you some website where you submit your topics
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            which type of website it is ?
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              Ratesight.com is the general website, that explains the software. The software is an online review management platform that tracks and collects reviews for a company and helps them get more quality reviews
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                Type this in google search bar :
                intext:software reviews"write for us"
                then open websites and email them some topics according to software reviews for guest posting
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    All of the above are right. And every strategy will work to an extent. The question is how much time, money and resourcing do you have ? How smart do you want to be and pick the highest ROI platforms? How do you figure that out? Start with who your audience is and ask them where they hang out - then be present there, and show them what problems you really will solve for them. Be useful, be relevant and be smart.
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    I would build the minimum viable product,in other words build measure and learn .When you build based off of feed back you save time and money.
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    Did someone build list with DA business?
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    1) Think about a plan

    2) execute

    3) check if it works or not. If it works , create a system around it. If it fails, drop it

    If you come to know that posting on warriorforum will generate x number of visitors. Find a writer, give him content ideas. Work on system for 1 month. Talk to him everyday. People think they will have freelancer and he will figure it out himself. No, you have to constantly evaluate and make adjustments in his course of action.

    But, slowly you will have system which will generate specific amount of visitors. Do this for ppc, face book ppc, seo etc. What ideas work, that will depend upon your target audience.
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    Great, another useless Live Chat that's not live.

    Pardon me while I go directly to your competition because you're misleading.
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      I'm sorry, Yukon. Did you try the chat feature on my website? Normally there's a response within minutes. If you need me to answer any question, I'm happy to help!
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    I like the concept of ratesight.com, I see so many local businesses for example that have reviews on their businesses that they weren't ever aware of. Super important to have that in focus at all times. Awesome concept!

    For brand building, as basic as it sounds, one thing I've seen that works well for others and myself on social media is just being human. For example, addressing people by their names when you're able to. It pays off to take the time to go into someone's profile/page to just see what the person's real name is so that you can address them directly. That little thing is something that I find really helps engage your audience & bond them to you.

    Hope that helps!
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  • It's oh so simple, even slow jack can growth hack...

    I'm just saying, there were 65 million local business FB pages in existence recorded at the beginning of 2017. So, it is very difficult to shine brighter than the other pages, as they are also trying very hard to be seen. As a result, audience building on social media is harder as it is totally fragmented by this point. Considering social media is the main FREE audience builder, I can say it won't be easy.

    The only thing to boost your audience substantially at this point is to be totally differentiated from competitors and highly valuable to consumers at the same time, which is really hard now, but still possible. Or cheat, and buy fake worthless bot likes.
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    IMO it would be ....

    1 - Provide value.

    2 - Practice what you preach.

    3 - Realise that it is your job to get your content infront of your audience, not your audiences job to come and find it.
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