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Hi there!

I've built a local discussion forum for a niche tech domain and after 1 month, I realized that it is difficult to onboard usrers. As I mentioned, the forum is local and it targets a large city, around 10 mln people. So I was planning it as a local community. I posted a link to my forum with a short description at a local free classifieds for around 3 weeks. The result is only 1 person signed up. Note, the forum doesn't look empty, it has some initial content that I copied from my previous attempt.

Since it looks like it is so hard to find new users, now, I am thinking to switch to a global market instead of targeting only one city. So basically I want to make it a global forum for anyone, so I will remove name of the city from the domain and will start promoting it globally.

My question is, am I doing a right decision? is, is it easier to on-board users for a global discussion forum or a local community withing one city? I was planning to run some goodle ad, I have some small budget, around $500 but I didnt do it yet. The reason why I started with local community is because I was thinking it would be easier to onboard users...Also I thought I would be able to pitch it to people at local events. So, I think the local resource will give me more value in the local community, but it looks like the target audience is smaller.

What do you think?

Thank you
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