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Hi everyone !

First of all, I'd like to apologize for any mistakes in the language, English is not my mother tongue.

I'd like to ask you some tips and advice on how to improve our traffic, our sales and how to invest our money better on our website.

We are two friends who launched, in Novembre 2016, a ThisIsWhyImBroke type of website in French. You'll have to believe me on this one, but the website is pretty neat. We paid for a professional logo and webdesign. My friend build the back-end from scratch and we can tweak every aspect of the website ourselves. We are still implementing features every now and then.

Our main source of income is Amazon. We also get a little something from Etsy.

From the very first day we decided to rely on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for traffic, with a bigger focus on Facebook. Since November 2016, we invested from 200 to 400 € each month on our Facebook page in form of advertisement which has brought us (exponentially) up to 35 000 subscribers.

We try as much as we can to post 2 to 3 times a day (11h - 15h - 19h). A post can go from 20 likes up to nearly a 1000 depending on many factors (quality of the content, time of the day,...).

Beside that, we invested no money on Instagram and Twitter but used Massplanner to get followers. But in comparison with our Facebook page, the results are negligible. We currently stopped working on these networks. At the moment, our Instagram account is at 6500 followers and our Twitter account is at 600.

From 200 to 400 € invested each month, we get a ROI of 100 to 200 €. That number is slowly growing as the page grows.

We tried to make a contest on Facebook but I think the prize were too cheap to attract people (main prize was worth 50 €) and didn't do very well in comparison to the usual page advertisement (which bring us 1 like for 0.03 € cts up to 0.10 € cts).

We noticed some similar pages with up to a million subscribers, so it means such a result is achievable on our market.

Things are going forward, but very slowly. At that rate, it'll take more than 2 years to reach 100 000 subscribers on Facebook, that's why we're asking for your help.

Thank you for your attention, if you'd like to have any data that might help guiding us, I'll be happy to provide them.
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    It seems that you invest ia lot of time, money, effort in energy into advertising.
    Maybe, you, guys, should be more focused on creating content?
    Viral content, for examlpe, since your website is in ThisIsWhyImBroke niche...

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      Hi, we spend money on advertising, but we spend most of our time on content.
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