What are the interesting facts about iOS 11?

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While Apple's role out of iOS 11 might not be that damaging to the current applications, but its urge to improve User Engagement has surely raised some eyebrows. Go through the updates that needs a serious consideration and might even lead to complete change of your development and marketing strategies
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    Facts include:
    If Your App is Still in 32 bit, it's not FIT!
    Your User and App Notification Cannot Co-travel
    Application will always leave a clue when the status bar turns Blue!
    The App Reviews just turned into an "Out of the League" Diva!
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    Interested facts:
    • Do not disturb option while driving
    • Automatic setup
    • Indoor maps/ Lane guidance
    • Live Photo editing feature available
    • Real-time translation

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    ios 11 has so many new cool features in it. Like the above mentioned post ios 11 has real time translation, etc.,
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    There are so new cool features are available in IOS 11. Here i will list few of them for you.
    They are:
    There's a New Hidden Dark Mode Option
    You Can Share Wi-Fi Passwords with Nearby Devices
    You Can Draw on Your Screenshots
    The Control Center Is One Page NowYou Can Screen Record Without Your Mac
    There's a One-Handed Keyboard
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    Wow, nice one, i haven't tried them all
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