What is the best way to grow a FB Group?

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Just started a FB Group for a client.

The idea is turning cold traffic into warm traffic. Then pitch them when they're comfortable.

Do you have any tips?


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    Hi Joe,

    Create big time value; give, give and give some more.

    Be a trusted resource. Offer helpful updates through the Group.

    Make it all about giving, and the getting will be easier and easier, aka, you will attract interested folks to the group, who then promote the group, spreading the word and increasing its size and scale.

    Any rocking FB Group I visit regularly are highly engaged meeting points. You gotta put in a lot of time and effort, and also, you need to be of service, but this is par for the course with any successful venture online.

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    Hi, share quality contents and recommendations in your niche to build trust. People will start to PM and share with their friends when they like your page taking you as authority in specific topic .
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    One of the best ways to do it is to try and find other pages similar to yours. Then you need to contact those page owners and once you have established a good rapport then you can ask them for a barter of posting on each others pages.
    Prakash Dayani
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    What's worked for me in the past is to find similar, well populated groups that exist either in the same niche or in a complementary niche and are open to quasi-promotional posting among members.

    As an example, for a while I had a Facebook business page up for a product within a specific niche that has a large hobby/fanbase following. I found a number of relatively large Facebook groups within that niche that allowed me to post content that linked back to my own page. Specifically, I would share images from my page onto the new group, often asking group members to vote on a set of different designs by liking and commenting on their favourites.

    I never asked people to specifically go to or like my page. I presented everything through the groups in question. However, because I was sharing to the group pages, when a user clicked on my images, they were clicking and liking content hosted on my Facebook page, and thus interacting with it, seeing the title of it, etc.

    This was a great way to build up an initial follower base. From there, constantly posting good content and then directly asking that new follower base to share it is a pretty straightforward way to keep growing.

    This method won't work for every niche/industry, but it definitely works. Ensure you read the rules of any groups you join though as many have very strict rules about anything they deem promotional. It never hurts to reach out to the administrators either to ensure what you want to do is on the up and up.
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    1. Give a very nice, unique & catchy group name.
    2. Make a very nice description & tags.
    3. Update posts more wisely.
    4. Choose amazing Cover photos.
    5. Initially add some member by own hand.
    6. Make more admin and moderator wisely.
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