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I was wondering how others use personal growth for their growth hacking.

I personally believe that business growth is a logical result of personal development.
As you might know already that growth is slowed down or even stopped because of limiting beliefs.

What do you do to replace, manage or delete your limiting beliefs?
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    Limiting beliefs destroy a person. It's like being exposed to radiation coming off of our cellphones that we sleep with. We may not notice it but it is slowly killing us, killing our healthy cells bit by bit.

    So what should we do to delete our limiting beliefs in order to achieve greatness? Remove toxic people from our lives. Not only do they consume us, they're the radiation that's killing us bit by bit. Do away with them completely because they are not healthy. Unhinge yourself from the world and just mind your own business. It doesn't matter what they say. All that matters is you.
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    Totally agree. Limiting beliefs are absolute killers and they must be eliminated at all costs. Personally, I attempt to weave personal development into everything I do. Without it, it's hard to progress.

    In my opinion, there's no better personal development program than building your own business. There's so much that you learn/discover about yourself that you have to improve upon. The biggest thing I do to eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with edifying stuff that's going to help me progress is, I have time where I just sit and think about what is holding me back from achieving something. Whether it's a task, mindset, whatever. Than I just confront it head on no matter how uncomfortable it is. It has to be done.

    Great topic OP
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    Train the trainer course is an ideal program for anyone wanting to upgrade their current training/instructional skills and deepen their knowledge on how best to plan and present a training session effectively.
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