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by rirara
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I am not sure how to sell my skills. I am trying to promote my work but I am not good at sales. I am developer and I specialize on html5 content and games and wordpress plugins. You can check my games here http://tigerstudiobg.com/games.html
I have one big customer - big html5 games publisher but to sustain my business I need more. I can't even sale a free site to local business (I offered my services for free and I got rejected)
I am programmer with several years experience and the stuff is easy to be on a salary but I can't handle being on my own.
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    Take a look at what Billy Gene is doing on YouTube. I really like his approach to acquiring new customers, it's excellent stuff. I would say that if selling is your problem, then that's exactly what you need to attack and study how to get better. It's a skill that can always be improved

    The way this Billy Gene dude frames his questions to a new prospective client is great, it's a lot of consumer psychology and just sales tactics. I would recommend also reading consumer behavior books like Predictably Irrational.

    For example, Billy will immediately mention why he's calling, and start out with a question that appeals to their problems they may be having or a desire. "If I can bring you 10 new clients in the next 24 hours, and I do it for free, would you be willing to do more business with me?"

    That's pretty hard to say no to. It's something along the lines of that, but you get the gist. He frames his questions in a way that gets their attention immediately because it appeals to a problem or desire they have.

    Studying who your clients are beforehand is key.

    If you don't land them on the first try, then follow-up is also key.

    Hope this helps you out!
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      Hi, I'm glad you mentioned Billy Gene marketing. I like how he does things too. Your breakdown of what he does is great.I'm going to take time and study him more.

      Thanks for sharing!
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    First you should pay attention on your website from UX side. is it convenient for people to navigate?
    Secondly, you have to use SEO to increase the conversion.
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    If you want to get customers R, do a few things:

    1 - Create helpful content showing off your skills via blog posts, videos and the like

    2 - Promote folks in your niche to help them get customers; befriend these folks, who help you get customers by promoting you

    Simple way to do it for lasting growth buddy.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Rirara, this is a common problem. People have a lot of skills but they are finding it difficult to sell themselves. Your "free" offers get rejected for various reasons.
    My question to you is "what type of problem are you trying to solve for your customer(s)?"
    If your solution is going to solve this "problem" then you will have buyers for your services.
    The key to getting buyers for your services is online marketing.
    You need to learn about advertising(say on facebook, or linkdin), and creating funnels i.e landing pages(optins), sales pages etc.
    You could create a free report giving away important information to your prospective customers.
    You could create say a three part video series showing your prospective customers what you can do for them.
    When you a/ build trust b/ build the relationship c/ deliver value, you can promote your services and achieve better results. Good luck

    P.S The other option is to cold call your customers and you need to learn how to "close the deal". I believe there is some advice on this in this thread.
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    First I would recommend that you learn as much as possible about SEO. I recommend that you check out Brain Deans blog and read as much as possible and start creating a lot of content.

    Second. I recommend starting a referral program. You are basically going to get your customers even if you have a few to refer their friends. The software I recommend for this is OSI Affiliate Software.

    Next, I recommend that you start an email list and just send helpful tips to your potential clients and do not sell them anything for now, but drive them back to your web site. For now I recommend Active Campaign.

    Next I recommend studying your competitors. For this I recommend Ahrefs. You can also use that to study keywords.
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    In my opinion, you have the skills to successfully work, just a little skill in finding a kit. This is also necessary to learn. Look at some videos on YouTube and read articles about how to make customers.
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    It's very sad when you really know how to do something and you do it beautifully, but you can not sell because of the lack of advertising. If you do not know how to promote your product yourself, then trust this business for CEO in SMM /
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