Strategies for building a referral network

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Hi guys,

My company does copywriting, content marketing program development and implementation, SEO, and brand voice creation. Lots of companies have a need for these services, but being at the right place at the right time to get hot leads is tough.

We have one fantastic referral partner who provides fractional CMO and messaging services. She's able to deliver leads with an immediate need for our services and reasonable budgets.

But, finding more referral partners like her has been a challenge. When we bring up a 20% commission for 2 years for each referral most people say, "you don't have to pay me, I'll do it for free." The problem is they forget and don't provide referrals.

What strategies have you used to get referrals partners in complimentary fields? I'm especially interested in your strategy for ensuring they can bring in the right types of leads (right industry and right budget).

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    We have had a referral program for three years. We use OSI Affiliate Software, and they have a directory they have added us to, so we get a lot of partners from that. Then what we do is create directories for other niches and reach out to the other niches and see if they want to get listed and form a relationship.
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    I think the best way is to suggest bloggers to use your referral since they have large audience.
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    From free methods, it is possible to allocate, attraction of referrals from social networks. In theory, everything is simple enough, you place your referral link in thematic groups and communities, the interested user is registered and thereby becomes your referral. Also, to free sites for posting your own reflinks, you can include various forums for earning, as well as various catalogs of articles and links.
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