How to cloak a white-label site ?

by Abbela
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I promote a white-label site on Instagram and the domain name need to be cloaked.

I have no control of my site (like all WL sites) since the provider does not allow to upload files on their servers (for example Shopify but actually my site is not a Shopify store).

So, the real site is linked to like this : DNS "A" record to

How to cloak ?

Is Advertsafe, Profitwp or others can do that ?

Is there a trick I can do with creating a subdomain and taking a small hosting to put cloaking files in ?

I'm totally lost...

Thank you for your help
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    More simply, how to cloak affiliate links by keeping your (sub)domain name in the urls ?

    Good question ! Need to investigate
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    Can you not just buy a new domain name and just forward it to your (or whatever site you are using)?
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    You control because it is your own domain and hosting. I am not sure I understand the problem properly.

    Why do you need to cloak your own domain ?
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    You can just get a new domain and add one more redirect hop
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    Create your own site and use an iframe?
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