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Hey guys,

I'm searching for a website or a tool that can provide me with a big list of websites sorted by technologies, like : shopify websites, woocommerce websites, etc...

Also with a possibility of identifying with a filter the language of the website if it's american or french, that would be even better !

I tried yesterday buildwith with Prestashop websites, and i got the list in CSV which was perfectly what i needed for free. However, for some reason this website seems not to work anymore for me with other technologies, it just keep running for several minutes to generatae the CSV of websites, but no hope i get nothing !

I was wondering if some of you have an idea where i could find a similar service to the mentionned website elsewhere (either a website or a tool) or why buildwith no longer works, if someone can test from his end to export the list for me that would be great also !

Thank you in advance !
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    Can anybody help me please ?
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    My according to the idea, this is not possible if any other website or Blog or anyone can`t make this type list.
    If you find this technology plz share with us.
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      I found Buildwith provides such a service, you can look for similar websites to this one aswell !
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