Best way to grow a deal site?

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Hi! I am putting the finishing touches on a membership site that shows deals targeted for a specific audience. There are other sites in my niche, but I can honestly say mine will the best/most comprehensive. The deals links mostly have my affiliate code, which is where the main income would come from.

I am thinking of letting it be free to join, because paying to get access to a list of awesome deals kind of seems like a huge road block for people. But, it seems much easier to spread the word about a site if you have an affiliate program.

How do you get people to a free to join site? I am thinking of contacting people who have a relevant audience, and letting them list their own deal for 52 weeks on my site if they will post/mail about it to their audience. Their deal will be at the top of the deal list first week, second place week 2, etc. Is this stupid?

Other ideas for going about this? (PS, I know the site/pitch is ok, because I've had 8 subscribers before finishing the site, just from people typing in my domain name or something) Any advice is welcome!
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