How do I GROW my new affiliate program, and have you any WARNINGS?

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Hello Warriors,

Back in the day I used to dabble in IM, but then one of my hobbies turned into a business, and I've been doing that full-time since 2012. Now I'm a father, and need my business to bring in more money, so last month I launched an affiliate program that I believe I made to have highest payout in the industry - 50% (naturally), which is about $100/sale. It's higher than 99design - the market leader in my space (logo design), so I think it's a good incentive.

Problem is, I don't know how to grow it, and could really use your input. Should I just cold-email random business blogs and hosting companies?

Also, are there any warnings you guys can think to share? I tried this once before, selling my service via clickbank (now I'm using AffiliateWP). CB wasn't the best channel for this, but more importantly I had no control over who signed up, and I had affiliates abuse the AdWords coupons, which ended up getting my AdWords account suspended. Have you some pointers that could help me navigate other pitfalls?

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    Hi competetowin,

    You should focus on increasing your website/landing page conversion rates.

    If that's done well enough (whether you outsource it or do it yourself), your program (and business) will grow on it's own.

    After all, what good is a generous affiliate commission if a program doesn't convert well? When given a choice, savvy affiliates prefer to send traffic to something that converts well and makes them more money, rather than to something that may offer bigger commissions but doesn't convert well.

    And further, if done well enough you can carve out a dominant position in your market, even to the point that competitors could do better, not by competing with you, but by becoming your affiliates and promoting for you, JV'ing with you, etc.

    ~ Marty Foley
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      Excellent reply. Having a high per sale payout is attractive, but as Marty said it doesn't mean much if it doesn't convert.

      If you get it converting at a decent % then you'll have to beat affiliates away.
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    One quick way is to go where the affiliates are. By offering an incentive payout like that and if the product is good, then would be easy to attract affiliates. If going after market cold and if allowed, a free trial to test product may be great way to get them to stand behind your product and tell others as well.
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