How do I GROW my new affiliate program, and have you any WARNINGS?

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Hello Warriors,

Back in the day I used to dabble in IM, but then one of my hobbies turned into a business, and I've been doing that full-time since 2012. Now I'm a father, and need my business to bring in more money, so last month I launched an affiliate program that I believe I made to have highest payout in the industry - 50% (naturally), which is about $100/sale. It's higher than 99design - the market leader in my space (logo design), so I think it's a good incentive.

Problem is, I don't know how to grow it, and could really use your input. Should I just cold-email random business blogs and hosting companies?

Also, are there any warnings you guys can think to share? I tried this once before, selling my service via clickbank (now I'm using AffiliateWP). CB wasn't the best channel for this, but more importantly I had no control over who signed up, and I had affiliates abuse the AdWords coupons, which ended up getting my AdWords account suspended. Have you some pointers that could help me navigate other pitfalls?

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