How to market my flight compensation website

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Hey all!

This is my first time posting and I am completely new to the world of internet marketing. I decided to start a website helping people to claim compensation on their delayed fights - I had been working for another company doing the same for 2 years and I thought what the hell! The problem is I'm a total newbie when it come to copy-writing, sale and internet marketing stuff. I have had a look around the forum and I have seen some amazing ideas. I was really hoping some of you wouldn't mind giving me some pointers or ideas to help me generate a few more traffic sources and increase my conversions.

Any ideas, pointers, advice, criticism would be entirely welcome!

Thanks in advance!
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    I advice you to buy backlinks on Fiverr. This will get you more traffic
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    You need to search and identify where your audience is likely to be and get involved in the conversation.

    Create or document solution orientated content and start sharing it.
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    Make sure that your website is optimized too for the search engines .In other words enhance the experience of your customers .Make sure that your site is user friendly.
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    You have to make your website optimized for search engines. Also, you can register to those traffic exchange websites and put in your website address.
    Within this traffic exchange, you can manually surf other websites in exchange for a visit to your website from another individual who is manually surfing
    websites as well. Another option is buy traffic from this traffic exchange.
    This saves you time from surfing websites and you get visitors to your website at the same time.
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    Before start anything as backlinking you must discover your website socially to get some social signals, then after some days you can start backlinking slowly.
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    Is the website already up and running? If not a keyword rich domain would be a good start. Try .com 1st, with minor variations if your direct domain isn't available. Your content could very easily begin as blog posts. Again, do some keyword research for some organic SEO. And keep reading, posting and learning.
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    What you need is leads. People who are probably already looking for what you are selling. I recently built a campaign for a similar service in the student loan industry. We targeted twitter because people usually rant about such problems there. (anyone with a delayed flight is your lead, right? ).
    Add customised hyper-focused news feeds to your website and increase dwell time. Track companies, industries or strategic topics in near real time. Message, or
    Visit -
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    I strongly advice you try to optimize your website.

    Also, Research for keywords on what your target audience are looking for and what you're offering, write great contents on them optimize them for your keywords and LSI keys and publish.

    Build up your links and watch your traffic and conversion rate sky rocket!
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    You could maybe try to rank in google for terms like 'delta delays'. As ppl who are late for their flight may search for such things. So you could write an article that helps ppl understand what to do in the event of a delta delay.
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