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Hey there,
I am an aspiring Growth Hacker. I am interested in Growth Hacking for about a week. Starting from scratch and know nothing about the field.

I have started a course on Udemy: read two books:
Ryan Holiday´s Growth Hacker Marketing and Lean Startup and read some articles.

I would like to ask, what platforms/people would you recommend following? Or what books you found most valuable? So far I have found nice, valuable articles on crazyegg and Neil Patel´s website. I also thinking about a GrowthHacker TV sub.

But as I told I am a total fish and even I think these sources are great I have nothing to compare them with.

Will be glad for any opinions/recommendations.
Have a nice day!
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    How many threads in this Growth Hacking section have you read?

    Learn to use the forum search function - to find threads on topics you want to learn. The links above are a start.
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      Thanks. Sorry, definitely will do that.

      My main goal is to start a blog here but need some amount of posts first. As I was eager I started this thread but now see it is a superfluous here.

      At least will pick something from threads you mention and post it for other beginners here later. Or I can also delete this thread completely...

      Anyway thanks once again and promise will think more about starting a thread next time
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    it's okay I am also a beginner, I think reading up books on growth hacker marketing. Previously I heard that there are some warriors in the community who can help grow website traffic .
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    The best platform is putting it into practice while actually doing it. You learn much more effectively.
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    10x, be obsessed or be average.

    Now go do some stuff
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      Originally Posted by 17 View Post

      10x, be obsessed or be average.

      Now go do some stuff
      By that I think you mean Grant Cardone for the OP to find !
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    Being a growth hacker myself, I personally prefer looking into some good facebook groups. There are some slack communities as well that you can persoanlly look into.

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    YouTube is a place where you can get lots of knowledge, it's also free. I suggest you also look into that as it's where I learned a lot of things about marketing.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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