What growth hack has worked for you?

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Have you tried any growth hack in your product and have you seen any results by doing so?
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    Personally, I've never done one. And anyway, I don't know why I do it.
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    Yup, we are always on the hunt for trends to jack. And it works for us.
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    good long content and rank on google at first page
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      Your answer is on point .Put out valuable content and get a consistent flow of traffic .These hacks only produce short term results
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    NO, I never tried this.
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    Going with trends is an awesome idea. I used to create content on trends and it help me a lot. Creating valuable and emotional content can also count as a good strategy in growth hacking.
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    just slow and steadily worked
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  • Right now LinkedIn is working really good!
    soon people... Relax...
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  • I use content sharing on my blog. I'm one of the few writers that take the time to read the published works. If it fits the overall vibes, I repost it or share it on my blog as a Shared Reads or Shared Poetic Read.

    Some posts gain more traction than others, but I noticed I knocked out last month with almost 300 views. This month, I tend to end it with a lot of scheduled posts, setting myself up for October and November, so on the backend I can focus on college and occasional freelancing.
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    No, I 'm not using this
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    TikTok, but cannot say why because my post is always removed when I do.
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  • Post exactly what my fans ask me
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    Well, growth hacks can improve a little bit the overall results, but they can do nothing without the basement.
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  • Engaged Followers are an Asset.
    You can turn that into multiple sources of income.

    If you added a eCom store option that tied in with your followers interests/passions that would also become an asset that investors would find appealing.

    Score a nice buyout and start again with more resources each time.

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