What growth hack has worked for you?

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Have you tried any growth hack in your product and have you seen any results by doing so?
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    Personally, I've never done one. And anyway, I don't know why I do it.
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    Yup, we are always on the hunt for trends to jack. And it works for us.
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    good long content and rank on google at first page
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      Your answer is on point .Put out valuable content and get a consistent flow of traffic .These hacks only produce short term results
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    NO, I never tried this.
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    Going with trends is an awesome idea. I used to create content on trends and it help me a lot. Creating valuable and emotional content can also count as a good strategy in growth hacking.
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    just slow and steadily worked
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  • Right now LinkedIn is working really good!

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      Can you share us how you used LinkedIn?

      Originally Posted by HelpingYouBeAnExpert View Post

      Right now LinkedIn is working really good!
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  • I use content sharing on my blog. I'm one of the few writers that take the time to read the published works. If it fits the overall vibes, I repost it or share it on my blog as a Shared Reads or Shared Poetic Read.

    Some posts gain more traction than others, but I noticed I knocked out last month with almost 300 views. This month, I tend to end it with a lot of scheduled posts, setting myself up for October and November, so on the backend I can focus on college and occasional freelancing.
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    No, I 'm not using this
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    TikTok, but cannot say why because my post is always removed when I do.
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      You might violate TikTok's posting terms. Better check it out.

      Originally Posted by Paul Woodthorpe View Post

      TikTok, but cannot say why because my post is always removed when I do.
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  • Post exactly what my fans ask me
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    Well, growth hacks can improve a little bit the overall results, but they can do nothing without the basement.
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    Engaged Followers are an Asset.
    You can turn that into multiple sources of income.

    If you added a eCom store option that tied in with your followers interests/passions that would also become an asset that investors would find appealing.

    Score a nice buyout and start again with more resources each time.
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    I have not yet obtained a concrete result but I am still waiting for the return.
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    Omg you're gonna love this.

    I've got a few - I usually charge thousands for the detailed teachings but I love this community so here you go ~easter egg alert~

    Join "Loop" campaigns where influencers will be giving away lots of cool products like LV bags, Ipads, a car, etc and become a sponsor in one of the loop campaigns. This will give you 10-30k (real people) new followers in a matter of days.

    Now you may ask, well isn't that just like getting fake followers?
    No. It's like getting access to an entire new pool of potential fans / customers (as long as you align with the right influencer who has the right demographic of fans that align with your conversion goals) and now you can market to them as often as you like via content marketing on your feed. It's incredible and works - i've had countless clients go through the process as I have access to a mass list of influencers that do these often (we've done some even with massive folks like Cardi B, Kehlani, Iggy Azalea, movie stars, etc).

    Trust me, it's the secret golden standard of growth for folks on Instagram that no one will tell you for free. It's extremely hush hush.

    Next for YouTube, this one is wonderful and has helped me grow 7 channels to a total of 956,000 subscribers as of this date in under 8 months.

    Basically right now YouTube is HOT with "Shorts" as its way to compete with TikTok. Well us really attentive internet marketers found a way to scale virally on YouTube through "shorts channels" by literally just posting 5-10 viral TikToks PER DAY every day with a slew of extremely obnoxious tags in the description that help get SEO visibility on YouTube and just keep it up until something goes viral, which it always does.

    Now i teach this to my clients who want to do it for themselves and then use this channel to market to their long-form official channels through community tab shout outs and other things just simply convert these viral channels to their new official channels and delete all the short form stuff at some point. It's incredible.

    Now there are other strategies for other platforms but these have been my favorite super-viral ways to scale on two priority platforms that still works today.

    hope you enjoy
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    thanks brother it really helps's me.....
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    Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

    Have you tried any growth hack in your product and have you seen any results by doing so?
    I use funnel hacking to build my sales funnels. I look at what my successful competitors are doing by tracking their advertisements on Facebook and i model my funnels after theirs and in addition, i also target their audience by advertising on the sites they advertise on. To some, this may not be ethical but it works
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    The best growth hack is actually not a hack but rather a tried and true practice which is too put in work yes that simple you continuously share value you will in turn entice niche based traffic that'll buy into your product .

    I help Small Businesses obtain Fast Funding

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    For me working consistently even if you dont get any sales and traffic .And never give up working ,sometimes its very hard to continue working when you check your stats and you find no traffic

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    Good Old SEO. Slow and steady wins the race.
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      Originally Posted by sageshark View Post

      I have selected a genre/ niche and started collecting images for that from Instagram and Facebook accounts. Then I create articles related to that topic and include those images with due references to their respective owners. This helps me avoid copyright issues.
      It does nothing of the sort. Merely referencing the image source doesn't absolve you of any potential copyright infringement. This sounds like a risky tactic.

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          Frank probably won't be a juror in your copyright infringement case, so no need to convince him.

          Just because you've gotten away with it so far, doesn't mean it is legal or right. In fact, it's neither. And it doesn't mean that the next contact you receive won't be a lawyer with Getty Images, Shutterstock, or similar companies.


          Originally Posted by sageshark View Post

          By referencing the image source, I give them the credit and a backlink (of course no-follow). This link helps redirect traffic to their social media profiles. In 99% cases these social media creators need traffic so they agree to let me use their images happily.

          If anybody still has an objection they can contact me from the contact email given in my website and I immediately remove their images.

          It has happened with me in the past. One creator did contact me and when I explained how this link helps them get traffic they agreed to let me use it.
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