How to reach out for affiliates in real life?

by horv77
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Could you help me with ideas about how to reach out for partners and affiliates in real life? I'm going to use the affiliate section here, only I'm thinking about personal networking which can be costly. Therefore looking for ideas on how to filter the possibilities.

My company is before a growth boost. We've done 10 years of Mathematical research to optimize inventory planning which is extremely hard for people and for classical software to do. We have increased the revenue of a merchant company from 15.6 to 19.3 million dollars. Already having several lines of work in several sectors (medicine, nutrition, beverage, tools).

We can increase profit for retail and trading companies to better plan their stock, but how to reach out to them and show them personally?

Greatly appreciate it, thanks.
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    Maybe you could utilize a professional platform such as LinkedIn and reach out to them on there?
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    How about networking at real life marketing events?
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    I'll use LinkedIn to build a connection with them; after that, it's easy to meet them in person. You can check the "selling to vito" approach, is a cool book
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    There are seminars which are specifically aimed at affiliates which could be worth attending. However, I'd limit your expectations because there's no guarantee of working with anyone in your niche attending an affiliate event.

    A better bet for you could be attending industry events aimed at retailers.

    Alternatively, as others have suggested, you can reach out to people "personally" through platforms like LinkedIn, IG etc. It doesn't take long to switch the front camera on your phone and record a personal message. Video gets a lot more attention than copying and pasting a text message.

    Best wishes,
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    I think LinkedIn is a good platform to connect with the people and you can get potential clients for your business from there. How about using other social media platforms?
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    You should definitely try Linkedin.
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    Thank You everyone for the recommendation. I'll consider all. Will even give feedback here on any result.
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  • Profile picture of the author toysoldier80 is great for this. I know in the United States they have a ton of affiliate marketing meetups on the site, I imagine it will be the same for the UK.
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    Attend industry-specific trade shows and events, this is a great way to network with potential partners and affiliates in person, as well as showcase your product or service to a wide audience.

    Use LinkedIn to connect with potential partners and affiliates in your industry. You can also use LinkedIn to join groups related to your industry and start engaging with potential partners there.

    Identify key influencers in your industry and reach out to them to see if they would be interested in partnering with you or promoting your product or service to their audience.

    Look for local business groups and organizations that align with your industry and become a member. This will give you the opportunity to network with other business owners and showcase your product or service.

    Encourage your current customers and partners to refer other potential partners and affiliates to your company. This is a great way to filter the possibilities, as you will only be reaching out to potential partners that come recommended.

    Create a case study and highlight the success of one of your current clients to show potential partners and affiliates how your product or service can benefit them.

    Use Email and Phone Outreach, reach out to potential partners and affiliates via email or phone and introduce yourself and your company, explaining how your product or service can benefit them. you can use redscraper tools to build your targeted prospects list

    Offer a free trial or demo of your product or service to potential partners and affiliates. This will give them the opportunity to experience the benefits of your product or service firsthand.

    Use a CRM tool to keep track of your contacts and interactions, and to make sure you follow up with leads in a timely manner.

    Remember, building relationships takes time and effort, so be persistent, be genuine, and be patient.
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