Great article on why customer retention and virality are so important

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By Andrew Chen (subscribe to his essays! they are great)

Retention is King (Guest Post)
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    Originally Posted by mattbarrie View Post

    By Andrew Chen (subscribe to his essays! they are great)

    Retention is King (Guest Post)
    Great Article !
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    That was a great article, thanks for the share. Customer retention is extremely important. That's something I am learning when it comes to email marketing. I have a paid newsletter subscription and never thought much about customer retention until I started it. Applying Jay Abrahams strategy of preeminence helps a lot with customer retention.
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    Retention is key. It doesn't matter how viral your product is, if you are bleeding users and just getting people in and then out the door, you're no better off than if you hadn't gone viral (except now you have those bandwidth bills to pay hmmm).

    I was involved with a major app launch and we ran into issues with one simple feature tweak that killed 60% of our users. Overnight we saw a huge jump in retention that then fed the rest of the engine.

    Why buy media for a product that doesn't retain users? Basically throwing money to the wind.
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    Yes ,
    I have read this article and trust me it was all worth written.
    Chen mentioned everything really well.
    I was just reading another article about Customer Research and that was all also an amazing article.
    Marketing Tips for a Successful Business | BizClout
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    Worthy article for sure. Great post.
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      If walmart, target, or whoever had to get new customers every single day, they would all go broke. Offering something of value that people want is what keeps them coming back. It doesn't take all that much effort to get a customer...but keeping them coming back for more shows you know what you're doing (or you're really really lucky ).

      The funny thing is that retaining a customer isn't really all that hard either. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Would you buy your own product/service? Is it something of value, or is it just frosted-coated crap? If you can tell it's crap, so will other people. And if they don't at first, they will eventually find out, and then you've really lost them. It's just so much easier to offer real value.
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