Growth Hacking my Etsy shop

by Kapoki
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I took over a Etsy shop selling cool resume templates, but the problem is that you can't just take over a shop on Etsy so I lost all the raving reviews and sales and have to start over. (:

If you guys have any ideas..I hope to hear it here! I will also share what I'm doing and update on the results. What I'm doing now is some social media promotion and I started with posting a coupon right when you land on my shop with 80% off on all resume templates. Hope that will result in some sales and reviews to convince others to buy.

If you want to have a look, check it out.
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    Try to make your store look so good that it gets featured. Work hard to add new, exciting information then promote it hard around early December during the fall graduation times. Get it in front of students with ads directly to the store, or make a Shopify store and drive the traffic there.
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    I see a lot of Etsy shops giving away some of their products. Even a Etsy Gift Card in general.
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    Try doing a givaway
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      Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I was already thinking of setting up a Giveaway but you guys remembered me.

      Also a nice comment about best time to promote, as I'm from Europe I wasn't aware of this.

      Update on Etsy shop. Experimenting with different titles, descriptions and tags and seeing if it makes a difference in the Etsy search. Seeing some results of this already. Getting more and more views and favorites. Only 2 sales so far, but it's a start.
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    Oh by the way, someone mentioned setting up a self hosted shop, but I already have that:
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      Nice website. I think it's too easy to come off. Have you thought of an exit pop up?

      Originally Posted by Kapoki View Post

      Oh by the way, someone mentioned setting up a self hosted shop, but I already have that:
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    Why don't you start by attacking one niche. I'm not saying you necessarily have to cater the resumes or website stylistically to a particular niche as you wouldn't want to box yourself in. I just mean you could focus on one career niche (to start).

    Find a jobs board (or a job seekers website / blog) in a particular niche and start doing some advertising / promotion on the site. It's going to be cheaper than a large all encompassing jobs board.

    If you're not sure which niche to attack, PM me. I was a manager in a particular field. I looked at a ton of resumes. The resumes SUCKED HARD...mostly because the template / design was non-existent or horrible. People really needed these bad.
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    From a copywriting POV, I would focus on showing the value of these resumes. In the end, you shouldn't assume that they understand this. For them (your prospects), they may seem glorified basic Microsoft Word templates.

    Thank you,
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      Am I missing something here? I can goto your site ( not the etsy store ) and download the files for free. How do you plan on making money? ( Nice templates by the way thanks! (: )

      Ecommerce 101 charge for your product?
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