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Hi everybody,
recently I received an email advertising the FX60 Fundraising System by Jimmy Reilly.
Watched the LOOONNNGGG video to finally show the price USD$97.

The obvious video sales pitch was tempting (aren't they all) but far too long for my patience factor. Anyway, I did not purchase (yet) until I can receive some feedback/input from other Warriors, if any of you have bought and/or used the system.

I would like to know: any OTO's, any further purchases required (apart from the usual Domain/hosting etc) and of course Does it work ???
Other alternatives ??

I appreciate in advance your replies to the above
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    I'd like to know more about this too. I have volunteered to help a fundraiser. I'd love to know what this could bring to the table without wasting my time.

    One of the aspects I'm wondering about is the viability of setting up their website and plugin for donations vs using indiegogo with is ready to go. I get that we would keep the entirety of the funds for the charity. But in the video you can't even tell if the site is remotely new looking...etc

    **I agree, that was the worst effen sales video ever. Long winded. boring. non rewindable. Lacks a written page with details. I merely let it go on in the background (for an hour??)

    If I wasn't looking to help save a young family with med bills, I wouldn't even sniff at this. But anything to help. But I can't spend a day wasting time watching useless vids.
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    If you need an excellent website, I discovered a site called youcaring that charges zero fees for fundraisers. zero work on your part to build a site then.
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    Chris do you reckon the women mentioned in the vid is real or fake. Is there any evidence she exists or Is this theroy ? These guys alway tell a story of one of the "friends"
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    It's important to note that all the plugins that this scammer sells are code taken from wpmudev.com, the name changed, and then sold for $100 plus.
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