Authority Blogging Breakthrough

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I generally stay away from WSOs after learning that the hard way.
But, the recent "Authority Blogging Breakthrough" caught my attention because of the laborious effort that went into creating a lengthy report.
Read the sales copy at

A friend in the same office had bought this - good for me since I did not have to spend another $10. And, that was good.

Although this may be useful for many newbies out there, for me - it was one thing I have tried (and failed) after the other. The author has taken pain in collating (rewriting) a lot of stuff, but with all respect - there is little that people have not written about in the past 5 years (especially in the last 6 months). You will find this information in multiple blogs, but the only selling factor for this product is that everything is available in one go.

More at Authority Blogging Breakthrough Review - Netted Money.
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