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Can anyone tell me if this good to buy?
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    It was sold on the WF as a WSO and got some pretty good reviews from people who purchased it. Here is the link to the WSO so you can read the reviews. Looks like an interesting product.

    Do a search for "google cash sniper" and you will find a WSO for it back in May I believe. I tried to post the URL for you but it was flagged as I don't have enough posts. Here is part of it: /warrior-special-offers-forum/66117-google-sniper-how-i-make-over-10-000-every-month-autopilot-see-unbelievable-reviews.html (just put warriorforum (dot) com at the beginning.

    Hope this helps. It's based on some sound strategy. Most of which I have personally been beginning already in reading the sales letter so it isn't in my personal budget at the moment.

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    That is a different product. This is a product by Chris Fox (Andrew Fox's brother). Anyone buy it yet?

    Tony Stai
    Directory Submission Software

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    Yeah this is totally different to George's Google Sniper, which I know he worked hard to build the reputation of, shame really...

    Personally, I think it'll be nothing new.
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      I was looking at this myself, I tried to find some
      reviews,but as usual they are affiliate links
      Look at the one below he gives you a look inside
      however you do have to opt-in to see it.

      Sorry can't post the link don't have enough posts

      Google Cash Sniper Review - Insider exposes Everything!

      - 2:03pmGoogle Cash Sniper review from insider that breaks
      all the rules and shows you absolutely everything inside the
      system! Check this out before you buy!

      go to www google cash sniper exclusive (dot) com

      Warm Regards
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    The "preview" you're supposed to get is just a glorified sales letter in the form of a so-called report. Not bashing - but I hate when people do this. Really - a report should be informative... not just hyping people with stuff that doesn't tell anything.

    As for the product - don't know, haven't bought - too busy with my own niche stuff.
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      I got an email from a fellow warrior about this "Breakthrough Report"...well, that breakthrough report is nothing more than a sales letter.

      These marketers would do so much better if they offered up some value first. Since this was supposed to be a breakthrough report and it turned out to be a sales letter in PDF format, I don't trust the guy now
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    Basically tells you how to get on the first page of Google for your keywords by using web 2.0 authority sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, Wordpress and so on. Also teaches you to use social bookmarking sites and other web 2.0 and high pr sites to create backlinks to your web 2.0 priority pages or blog. So many internet marketing courses tell you the same stuff. Nothing new. Save your money
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    Thanks Warriors for all your replies!
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