Anyone tried Accelerated List Building?

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I want to know if anyone tried Accelerated List Building by James Penn. If tried please provide here a review...
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    Hey there

    Thanks for starting this thread. As you can probably see I am the author of Accelerated List Building, and welcome any feedback regarding ALB, so I can make it a better product for my buyers.


    P.S. I found this thread through a Google Alert.
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    I picked up the free report and bought the ALB product. It's really good. There are a few things you may know in there, but James has a fresh writing style that explains everything in simple terms. He also has good updates on his blog and doesn't kill your mailbox with messages every day.

    One thing I think he should go into is more of the mechanical aspects of selling your own ebook and your one time offers (OTOs). He advises you to create them but not really how to set up your site to provide the downloads so that people can't steal them.

    Other than that, I've been satisfied. My first $10 product sold 9 copies in 4 days with only promoting it on my blog. I haven't even sent it to my list yet!
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