stores credit card numbers and does unauthorized charges!

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We signed up with for colocation in Panama July 29th 2014 in order to expand our capacities to Panama. The order got duplicated occasionally, as well as an invoice. Due to having the Credit card added on our account, Fortatrust charged it for both orders, even so the trouble ticket was risen immediately with request to cancel the duplicated order.

Since that time, there have been neither response from Billing department nor from General phone support (at 1.855.201.7888 or other phone numbers on the website). We received random responses from anonymous General support representatives via Ticket system 'your request has been forwarded .... and will be handled shortly'.

So far, the card has been charged 8 times. No refunds, no response, no service.
Finally we blocked the card and opened a chargeback case with our Bank.
AVOID this provider.

We needed a single-rack server to place a VPS-node for one of our clients, so the sum was not that big, we just want to warn the others of this company
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