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I purchased this course and really had high hopes. It was sold with lots of hype about how it was a great part-time business and would allow me to work with local businesses and I was all over that. In fact, it was a cooperative model that I had been thinking about for years and already had ideas for, so I wanted to jump in. It promised not just the video training, but also a Facebook group for support and growth.

The Good -
In the many hours of video courses there were some good ideas presented. The purchase price also came with a Wordpress Theme that could be executed if you followed directions to build most of a functional co-op website according to her model. There was indeed a Facebook group that could be utilized for questions. Amber is present and will answer questions asked in a positive manner.

The Bad -
The videos were rough to watch. First, they were really, REALLY long, and not because they were jam packed with information, but because they were poorly presented. They were put down word for word in scripted videos and the words appear on the screen, but then she tries to ad lib off of them and really struggles. It was painful to listen to at times.

The whole concept is based on a particular flagship product that she herself hasn't had success with. In fact, she didn't have her own site up until after the course was over, and she didn't even use the theme that she sold anyone else. She has had success in the past with the 9x12 model and a coupon book and seems to be one of Bob Ross's disciples (awesome poster on here, if you don't know him get familiar). Unfortunately, this was much more hype than substance. If questioned on how she can teach this particular method when she's never done it, she'll let you know that she's done other methods with success. So, I guess since I once ran a record producing telemarketing department years ago I should put out a course on print ads and tell everyone how successful I've been even though it was a different model. I guess marketing is marketing, right? (sarcasm)

The Ugly -
Well, aside from the fact that the only success she shows you comes from other people that have done this particular model with success and that nobody in the group seemed to have any measurable success that they made public, there were other disturbing things. If you say anything negative in her group or question her ideas she will delete your comments (ask me how I know that). So, go in blind and willing to follow everything without question or don't go in. I just got banned from the group because I spoke up about my concerns and she even encouraged me to be transparent before deleting her comment thanking me for my transparency and then deleted my reply. She also changed the group's description and then banned me. What a joke.

I guess another ugly part of this was the real struggle that people were having with this. I did take action and really struggled to even give away her flagship product. She asks you to seed your group with some free members and nobody was taking from my personal experiences. Being unable to give it away was pretty disheartening, though I do understand that the concept of free sometimes makes it seem suspicious. I wasn't seeing anyone light it up with the paid model either though.

So, if you've got a couple hundred bucks to throw away here is a course for you. If you have hours upon hours to listen to a person say the same things over and over and stumble through all of that time, give it a whirl. To be fair, if you want a few good ideas that maybe you haven't thought of regarding a potential co-op, you might find some, and who knows, they may make your investment back and then some. Just be sure to never point out that the emperor has no clothes and don't fall for the trick where she lures you into expressing your concerns and then bans you because of her "no negativity" policy.

Overall I'd rate it a 3 on a scale of 1-10. I would not recommend it and wish I had never purchased it, but I can see where someone new might like the personal attention from the product's creator and might learn some new things that could be useful either in this project or something in the future.
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    Thanks for the review umc.
    Is it limited only to the US?
    Another thing that I don't get - how does this opportunity benefit the local community?
    Does the loyalty card add value to an individual in any way?
    I am putting these questions to understand their business model.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who will answer my queries.
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    I'm not going to spend much time promoting an idea that I don't believe in (as presented in the course) and a program that I felt was poorly run, and I'm not going to give away the course information either because that wouldn't be fair. However, I'll briefly answer your questions.

    I see no reason that a loyalty card can't be used in any community anywhere in theory.

    You are supposedly benefiting the community by promoting local independent businesses and going against the big corporate businesses (which also employ people locally, a fact that is lost on those hating the big companies).

    The individual with the card gets a discount when presenting the card to the businesses that have joined the co-op. Think of the loyalty card like a coupon that people pay for and then get to use over and over, and the businesses get to continue to give those deals to people over and over and pay for the opportunity to do so.

    Just look around online and you'll find lots of companies that offer such discount cards. Some give them away, some charge for them. That's all it is, the idea of a discount card that you put together for local businesses to promote them to people willing to buy the card. You have to find the businesses willing to pay to be featured on the card and the customers then willing to invest in buying the card hoping to save enough on the discounts to make it pay off. There are similar coupon books out there that are sold, diner's cards, lots of things. The idea has some merit as there are similar businesses out there that are doing this. The problem is that the person teaching you in this course has not done this particular model and is giving you the supposed step by step to make it work. The further problem is that she has her co-op up without much success herself.

    Of course, she has many other ideas for services that you can sell to those businesses that join once you've got them in. The problem is that it is hard to get people interested in buying cards when you don't have businesses offering discounts yet and it is hard to get businesses to offer discounts without other businesses doing the same and people waiting to buy the cards. It is a model that can work, but then again just about any model can work. If it were as easy as presented in the course and sales materials everybody would be doing this. If I saw someone in the course, including the originator of it having some success I would tell you, but I did not.
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      Thank you for a thoughtful review.

      I too purchased the course and would not recommend this particular one. I'm still in the group but there is absolutely no results whatsoever from Amber.

      She has not shown at all how she has made revenue with this Loyalty program or any productive real time results. Also, she mysteriously checks into her group with odd posts unrelated to this product in weird intervals.

      I think she knows that she has sold her last product with this group of people, many of whom myself included had hoped she would really demonstrate how she could set up a new, successful Loyalty Coop after allegedly selling her first one, cough, cough.

      Oh well you live and you learn.
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