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I am strongly considering joining the Eformula Evolution course but would like to get some feedback from some folks here who have taken the course. I am looking to use the course to make private label products to sell on Amazon through their FBA program. How good is this course? Is it worth the money? The two creators seem respectable guys but I get nervous when people start making big pitches and throwing around large numbers. What has been your guys experience with this product?
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    they have some nice software which could make your research much easier and i have heard it's a small group (compared to ASM - Amazing Selling Machine). I am not affiliated with eFormula evolution but heard/read some "positive" things about them. Make your research before you go...
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      I took the Eformula Evolution course in 2014 and have access to the software and training sites. I knew some things before taking the class and I learned more things from the class. I was just looking up something today in the resource library (which is why I ended up on this site).

      Some of the tools I learned about in the course are very important to my business. If I have a question the site doesn't answer, I can always email and ask and I get a quick response.

      I put what I learned into practice and I am making money, while holding down a full time job. It isn't $100,000/year (yet), but I am doing what I want to be doing.

      I am not using the software and there are some good reasons why. Other people might be able to take better advantage of it.
      • I used their formula to look for products initially, but haven't needed to after that.
      • I am doing all my selling via FBA and don't have that many products so I don't need to manage inventory
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