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There was a webinar recently held by Mark Ling, I think he called it Rapid Profit Formula but the product I think is called Niche Profit Classroom 4.0. The fact that they named the webinar something other than the product is kind of confusing. Did anyone watch the webinar or have any opinions on this product? Thanks.

edit: I watch some of the webinar and it looks pretty much exactly like Marks product. Squeeze page, build a list, yadda yadda yadda. This formula will never work for me because I can't write emails about affiliate products that I've never used or don't believe in. I don't know how anyone can continuously find products that they can ethically promote.
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    Anyone joined in the class to give another view or opinion? I am half tempted to join myself
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      Iconoclasta, altought Yo no creo en un "apretar un botón y hacer dinero en línea". Es cierto que con otros recursos podrían ayudar a que su negocio crezca más rápido. Todo el reclamo comercial que aparecen en este u otro foro están tan lejos de la verdad. Pero sí, mostrar un sueño.

      On this way, and looking this type of help ,I see applications, software, program or people to hire. and it's not ease.

      You can see a thread that talk more about NPC, and I see the problem that, here you have the web and email structure and probably other resources, but you need traffic.

      Here the link

      And for traffic, I watched this other one that reopen today December 13th, I received a email yesterday.

      Both products appear good, but yes. two ones are a great investment, and I believe that Work together, would to be a winner.

      Valentin Yonte

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    i belonged to npc for a while. great program but alot of info to digest.these coaches have to releaize that when you overwhlem your students. they will cancel their memberships and leave.
    exaample: chris farrell membership: great info but a million videos, truned me off
    jamie lewis membership: which i joined and quit a month later, a million 2 hour videos with no direction at all.
    my advise; if you want to join a coach: make sure he sends different homework every night and you do it and keep up with it. that worked for me great.
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