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I'm trying to work in the health niche, so I'm searching good products to promote.

Found Tinnitus Miracle and I begun to perform the normal due diligence to find how legit this product is (it has high gravity in CB).

Its sales letter has 8 MP3 testimonials with names, country and photo.
I searched in FB all the authors names of the testimonials and this is what I got:

The majority of those people do not have a FB account (weird?).

I sent a message to those with a FB account: no answers at all (i.e. searching in FB "Ralf Bergman from Sweden" and found a few, so I wrote to all of them with same result: silence. Same happened with other testimonials).

I can't believe that the owner of the product would dare to use fake testimonials with names, audio and images, so maybe I'm wrong thinking it is another scam but my findings lead me to be skeptical.

Somebody promoted Tinnitus Miracle or know something about this product?

Thank you.
#miracle #tinnitus

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