Has Anybody Used Profit Lance?

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Greetings all! I am new here - my first thread in fact. I am very grateful for this forum. Was wondering if anybody has used or tried the Profit Lance Course? I bought it a little while back as a training course to learn the business of internet marketing. I am still at the beginning stages of the training course but so far it looks fantastic. Has anybody here got a personal review on the course? Thanks, looking forward to your comments.
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    Here you go:



    I highly recommend Profitlance and I and other senior warriors got started using the systems and information presented. Step by step projects are in there as well. And for one payment of $79 you can't go wrong.
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    Thanks Cypherslock,

    I actually purchased the Profit Lance system late last year, but due to the busy day job I have only managed to make time to start studying the training courses now. I must say, the course looks great.
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    Hi, Nick29

    I looked at PL when I was first getting started. It looks pretty good but before you make a decision check out Wealthy Affiliate. It is a recurring membership but it's essentially an online university and community for internet marketers. You can check it out and also check out a beginner's course created by one of the WA members. Best of luck to you.

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    In my opinion everything you learn in the courses you can learn for free through your own research. There is even tons of info on WF alone that can give you a big head start in the internet marketing industry. I never bought any training material and I'm making a decent profit through internet marketing.
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      I bought this about 2 years ago and for a newbie it's great value. Dont know if it's been updated in light of today's requirements but all the same the info is excellent and well presented.

      The support is good too and he has sent thru some great product recommendations, some of which are exclusive to his clients, particularly one called samurai cloaker which combines cloaked linking with tracking.

      Maybe that's a bit over your head but believe me it's worth having
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    after doing the course and having since bought others, profitlance is far better that any of the others.
    i still need to refer to them on a weekly basis.
    Just good marketing advice - Business ideas
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    Hi there, yes - I bought ProfitLance about 10 months ago when I didn't have any clue at all about affiliate marketing or online marketing. It is really good for teaching the basics - but I don't rate it's 'ready to use' websites or the PLR articles - as we all know, there are no free shortcuts to doing the work!
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