Does vertical response have good deliverability?

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Hi I'm not sure if I should stay with vertical response, because my autoresponder email, after almost 200 emails sent to 200 unique leads that I generated for the past 3-4 days, had only 22 of them open, with an open rate of only 11%.

This email was meant to send the new lead their report so I thought the open rate would be much more since they were anticipating it from the thank you page.

Should I consider changing to a more popular autoresponder, such as getresponse or aweber?
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    You could try, but I don't think you can import your existing list into either of those platforms.

    Try different subject lines first to see if your open rate increases before you try to switch. Its been the holidays too, so that might be a consideration, at least before you switch services.

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    Before you change services take a look at this blog post
    from Digital Marketer and what they consider a good
    open rate.

    101 Best Email Subject Lines of 2014 (...and our 10 worst!)

    Not very different to yours.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Originally Posted by kangen333 View Post

    Hi I'm not sure if I should stay with vertical response
    I cannot claim that Vertical Response is or isn't at fault. I cannot know what exactly generated your problem.

    But you may want to consider also the following points...

    1) These days most of the pro email marketing services (EMS) have a good deliverability. But... Deliverability doesn't depend only on the EMS. My spam folder gets emails sent via AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, and others. It's not provider's fault Blacklisted domain names in links, tons of dollars , hype, aggressive marketing wording, etc.

    2) Open rates aren't measured accurately.

    3) Review the way you built that list of 200 leads, the squeeze page, the thank you page, your subject line, the wording, the links.

    4) Holidays... During holidays some people don't check their messages very frequently. Even if they have just signed up in a hurry for your ebook or whatever you gave away. They may check their messages later. What's the hurry?

    Added later:

    5) Send several emails manually (not via VR), ask your subs whether they received your previous message or not, and see if they reply.
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