BEWARE - Rapid Mailer by Sean Donahoe - An Absolute Joke

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If anyone is considering buying Rapid Mailer by Sean Donahoe - reconsider. It is a total waste of time. Not even the simple things work.

I've been trying to resolve issues with their so-called "technical team" for MONTHS!!!! and still they can't get it to work.

Every response to a ticket takes weeks to get a response back and then they still don't know what they're doing - it has literally been months.

I put in a ticket for a refund - low and behold, my ticket was deleted???

Not to mention the Private Messages I send Sean Donahoe go totally ignored - I guess that's his level of customer service and commitment to his products.

STAY AWAY is all I can say. Spend your money on the services that actually work...
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    I always recommend doing your own due diligence online before you plunk your money down.

    Go to Google and enter the product name. Also do a search on the seller's or creator's name.

    You will quickly get a sense of whether others have had a good or bad experience.

    Your case is no different.


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    You should probably post in the appropriate sections of the forum. This belongs in the review section.
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    With all due respect... you have NOT stated one specific issue or problem with Rapid Mailer. You are just venting your frustration which may or not be real. I get frustrated when people post negative reviews without specifics. No wonder Sean has not responded.

    I have had little or no problems with Rapid Mailer although I have taken to using it in its own WP install rather than add it to existing sites. One installation can manage many other sites.

    Please post your specific issues... maybe we can offer you a solution or avoid our own future problems.


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    Below is a thread with a bit more user feedback:


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