has anyone used godaddy hosted wordpress before ?

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Hello warriors

i'm asking of this offer are good to build my blog
This is the offer https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/word....aspx?ci=88390

has anyone used this offer before ? is it good or bad to build my blog ?
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    Bad, IMO.

    GoDaddy is a very poor host, and a very unpleasant company to do business with. I'm one of the many here who are very happy to have left them, now, and won't use them again.

    For WordPress hosting, in particular
    , it has a justifiedly awful reputation. There are many, many threads in the forum discussing this, and its problems and obstacles. The forum's search function is your friend (but only if you use it! ).

    I advise you very strongly never to register a domain-name where you're also planning to host the site, expecially if it involves GoDaddy. This post (and its links) explain why, in some detail: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7628717

    I'd avoid EIG and 1and1, as well as GoDaddy. Regarding hosts in general, beware of out-of-date information posted by members who are not familiar with which hosting companies are now owned by the dreaded EIG conglomerate, whose business model appears to be that of taking over previously good hosting companies and rapidly turning them into unreliable companies whose customer service is a disaster. Warriors are leaving EIG-owned hosts in droves, because they've become so unreliable and their customer-service so unresponsive. Many people explain the position pretty clearly in these recent threads ...

    What are some great hosting companies besides hostgator ?

    Looking for reliable host outside Hostgator family

    And this will help anyone to choose an appropriate host, if they read it carefully enough ...

    HostGator Alternatives, Part 1: Who is EIG? – The Digital FAQ

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    I must be the oddball here. I've been buying my domains from GoDaddy for almost 10 years now, and have been using HostGator for about 6 months with no problems (that I know of). I've never really needed their customer service, so I can't vouch for that..
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    That is the moral of the story. Domains and/or hosting, it is all bad news. I've seen too many horror stories to even count.
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    If you want to have a deal with a trustworthy host, use ifastnet.com services which is full of useful resources and cost not much + a free firewall.
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    I stopped using GoDaddy altogether, I even moved my domain names from them to NameCheap. I don't like their policies one bit and, from what I heard, their hosting services are not OK. Go with Hostgator or BlueHost or anything else, just not godaddy
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    I'd stay away from using godaddy for more than coupon domains.. They look good on the surface but they are expensive, and many people have problems with them!
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    There are so many better hosting options out there.


    Leave GoDaddy to domain registrations, or not, just use Namecheap.
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