Auto Blogging software do they really work and if so which is the best one?

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One of the visitors to our business directory asked several questions about Auto Blogging Software; if they really work and how well. They also would like me to recommend the best software. Of course I have no experience with these software so I thought this would be a good question for the warrior forum community.
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    Every auto blogging tool I tried was pretty rubbish to be honest.

    I haven't tried one for a few years and I don't think I ever will again.

    Just my thoughts, others may say different.
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      Just say NO.

      Ask Google what it thinks about auto-bloggers.


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    There was a time, and we're going back a long time indeed, when auto-blogs worked like gang busters. No more.


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      If your visitor is dead set on trying it, I only have one piece of advice...

      Make sure that a human reader can't tell it's an autoblog. Unfortunately, the software I've seen over the years fails miserably at that.
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    There is no substitute for good content that you have personally chosen. You need to know what your readers want and give it to them.
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    I can’t put enough emphasis on the fact that autoblogging is a form of theft, but it goes even beyond just content theft. More often than not, articles are literally stolen and posted “as is”, with all of the original URLs are left in place. This means that every time one of these articles is viewed, all of the images are being downloaded from the original site.

    Altogether, this results in another form of stealing – bandwidth theft. When an autoblogged article hotlinks all of the its images, it’s left up to the original source to actually serve these images up, eating up precious bandwidth!

    If one article proves particularly popular and gets stolen by multiple sites and contains a lot of large images (perhaps a tutorial with many screenshots), this could certainly put a significant strain on the original server, possibly even resulting in increased operating costs for the owner.

    Even if you’re not autoblogging, you should avoid hot linking. Unless you have explicit permission, it’s just not nice to eat up other people’s bandwidth to display images (or worse, video) on your own site.
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      When it come to writing content, everyone's looking for shortcuts.

      Autoblogging....content spinning...none of that works.

      That stuff might have worked once...but not anymore.

      So just tell your clients NOT to even consider doing it. Unless of course they want to see Google destroy their hard earned ranking.

      Your clients are much better to focus on syndicating their content.

      Once they put the effort into finding and building relationships with content syndication partners, they'll get all the target traffic they could ever want.
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    honestly, it really worked, at least to me, although you can not earn much from this solution

    here's my same question: Can I earn with an semi-auto Blogger creating solution?

    PS: short description about my script: auto grab + spin content from other Bloggers then auto publish to bloggers, may work on localhost; so if you/client need it, please tell me, thanks
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    You want software that uses legitimate RSS feeds such as Google News and I would advise your client to also add unique articles to his site

    Also if he can develop a source of traffic independent of Google or SEO such as Facebook traffic then who cares if Google penalizes the site. Just don't use Adsense on the site as Google owns Adsense.
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