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MarketHive is a new free inbound marketing system which is undergoing a phased launch at the moment. It is a large integrated system, of which I have been using some features, such as leads and blogs system, for some time. I have found it easy to navigate and use with a Facebook type feel. The lead capture pages are very quick to configure with a number of different templates that require just a single file to be uploaded to your site to be up and running. A nice feature is, if you want to change the template, keywords, content,or video etc you do this in your back office and the change is reflected immediately on your website.

You can attach a series of autoresponder messages to send to your capture page contacts and again the message system is quick and easy to update. Every message that goes out indicates to the recipient when and where they signed up together with option of unsubscribing. The only feature I would like to see is the ability to switch a subscriber to another series of messages without them having to signup again via a capture page.

I do like the way the blog systems is set up to quickly share with social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also with fellow members of MarketHive. There is a selection of blogging tools which can be used to produce mixes of blog feeds, to produce unique contents, for feeds and sites. Like the capture pages you only need to upload a single file. A feature I like is the ability to change/correct content in a blog, perhaps due to a typo, any change is reflected wherever the content is used.

MarketHive is also integrated with YouTube and you can access and create new video from within the MarketHive video section. The more I use the system the more I realise what a time saver the system can be and have started keeping it open in a browser tabs so its there when I need and I am alerted if friends wish to contact me.

I have grown comfortable with the system and already starting to expand and use other sections of the system, which I can see as being useful to support my own business. I would be interested in other peoples thoughts about the MarketHive.system.
  • MarketHive is similar in looks to Facebook and behaves like it in many ways. Making friends, having groups, the news feed, messaging, chatting, boosting, tagging, sharing, very similar.

    But like the name implies, "Market" represents a powerful portfolio of integrated and effective inbound marketing tools, like email auto responders, social media broadcasters, capture pages, blogging platforms, seo platforms, lead management, and analytics.

    We are not talking about the old fashion type of tools either, but fresh innovative new concepts, that eliminate the old double opt in email that causes so many spam complaints GONE! Capture pages that takes literally split seconds for the visitor to join, seriously, these new neural type capture pages are like falling into silk linens, effortless and

    "Hive" represents the social network found within the system. In fact it is a new type of social network called a Social Neural Network. Found with the groups we have integrated broadcasting to the entire group members social network accounts by the team captain, blogging systems that empowers the team, management reports for the admin showing each members actions, within the system (like blogging, auto responder production, capture pages, posting to the news feed, running ads, sponsoring new members, active Alpha account, etc.), A group rotator to share the results of the traffic generated by the group, and a co-op ability to raise funds and shares for group ad campaigns.

    This "Hive" concept, gives huge leverage to campaigns, easily managed and extremely powerful as well as accountable. In other words, the admin (captain, leader, manager) is accountable and responsible to the group. If a group member decides he/she is better served elsewhere then just leave the group. By doing so, all blogging activities, all social account postings, all co-op contributions, etc. terminate. This fact, keeps the groups integrity intact and builds a strong powerful Social Neural Network (hence the discovery of this phenomena occurred in MarketHive).

    I have been around a long time on the Internet. You can usually find me @ Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on Telegram @ https://t.me/hivekeep

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    I have been using the MarketHive system for just a few short weeks. If you are looking to put your information out across the internet, then there really is no other platform in existence that as powerful an intuitive as this system is. The tools alone are worth $1000's. Best part, there is no cost. MarketHive is a free social neural network for entrepreneurs. There are paid services in MarketHive but they're completely optional. This systems functionality is very much like that of facebook. In some respects, MarketHive is easier to navigate and use. What I really like the most about the platform is the blogging capabilities and lead generatation technology.
    New World SEO-Tips, Tricks, and Strategies By Steven Cavan

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    • Regardless of what your drive is, Markethive will add to your agenda, broaden your reach, build your sphere of influence further and greater than anything before has even attempted to do.

      And it is 100% free. Imagine that! A full suite of powerful Inbound Marketing systems, integrated into a intuitive social network, 100% free.

      Save money, eliminate your Internet marketing costs, increase your reach, and grow your market.

      I have been around a long time on the Internet. You can usually find me @ Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on Telegram @ https://t.me/hivekeep

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    MarketHive is truly a very addicting platform. You will love it!
    New World SEO-Tips, Tricks, and Strategies By Steven Cavan

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    Further to my initial review of MarketHive I would like to update you with the way the system is working for me.

    I am blown away with the results I am getting by posting to my blogs in MarketHive, I did not realise just how powerful a system that it is. I started to really use the system in January, prior to that I was happy if a particular blog post would have 500 views with occasional one peaking at 1000 views. now the blog posts have gone ballistic and are getting 7,000 views after 10 days

    Many experts say the writing good content is key to success, so i am encouraged to write more as my posts are being shown in so many places. I am even starting to get leads from sites which i did not know I had a connection with. Markethive with its social connections and groups is becoming more important to me that Facebook, because discussions on its walls are business orientated rather than trash of how I behaved last night.

    There is a good camaraderie amongst its members and if someone needs advice or assistance there are people who are prepared to go the extra mile to help you. Hopefully this attitude will continue even as the site grows in popularity, as there are few site where people are genuinely interested in the success of people who wish to build an income online, with no ulterior motive.

    David Ogden an Entrepreneur at Markethive which uses a suite of free marketing tools to promote his opportunity. Contact:- Telegram @davidogden

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    Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing Training at a Glance.
    There now exists two facades of Internet users—those who are in pursuit of the latest and fresh information about anything of interest and those who are seeing the Internet as an opportunity to earn huge potential revenues.

    Market Hive is all about the latest and fresh information about Internet Marketing Tools. Many people want auto responders, blogging systems and capture pages. Market Hive has all this and more.

    I have put together some YouTube training material on auto responders and capture pages.
    Here are the links:
    Auto responder system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=7giw9feGbkg
    Capture Page system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=n_KXEL7P1fU

    Take Care
    Brian Walters
    Internet tools made simple I always begin at the beginning but I didn't invent the universe first
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    Market Hive is about "Real Visitors".

    When people are searching for your product or service on the Internet, what Internet marketing tools should you be using to make sure your product is found quickly.

    Most importantly are all these tools like lead capture pages, email auto responder, a landing page maker, an integrated campaign management system, a blogging and blog management system, a and are these Internet Tools all in the one place? And are they useful in a way that assists the search engine to find your site?

    So a one stop shop for applying neural social marketing would be handy Right? And if these tools are free then that would be even better right!

    In essence a complete system that allows you to relate to your high end Marketing Company, make and link your Blogs together, post to Videos to YouTube, Google + and participate in Forums. All these assets are in Market Hive, truly a one-stop online internet marketing control panel.

    Integrated Marketing Tools will allow you to operate a web business and help you receive lots of "web traffic" filled with people searching for your particular product or service.

    An Internet Search Engine is the number one way of finding your website. This method accounts for over 80% of all the traffic your web site receives and tools at market Hive will assist you in the possibility of a person’s search landing on your website real estate.

    One of the best ways is to build up traffic is to build link popularity. Make as many links as you can using the Market Hive Blogging system and constructing press releases alerting people about your products and services.

    So take Action Right Now! Go See What All The Fuss Is About... If you have not taken a close look at Market Hive now is the time. You may be missing out on a great suite of lead generation tools and a great suite of integrated support applications.

    Take care
    Brian Walters
    Internet tools made simple I always begin at the beginning but I didn't invent the universe first
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    Market Hive boy what a marketing system all in one place. You get all the tools you need in one stop system. A marketer just starting up this is the system you must check out and sign up. You get a A+ email system and the blogging system is very powerful. You will have a group people that are willing to help and give you training and show you how to use the Market Hive.

    James Eckburg

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  • MarketHive is 100% free. Many question that fact because today most claims are spurious and mistrust rules the Net. MarketHive like Facebook and heck like WarriorForum, generates it's revenues with advertising. All the services are real, legitimate, state of the art but most important they are free and will remain so forever.

    The blog platform is the best platform for building collaborative content across many CMS systems. Try it I guarantee you will love how it amplifies your efforts.

    I have been around a long time on the Internet. You can usually find me @ Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on Telegram @ https://t.me/hivekeep

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  • WarriorForum is a social network Forum platform of like minded people who are all welded together with the common denominator being the pursuit of profit. Entrepreneurs abound here. WF is a huge oasis of marketing and advertising knowledge. It is almost overwhelming. MarketHive compliments WarriorForum by offering just about every tool needed to succeed at marketing totally free. Revenue is raised by selling ad space, but all the tool, functions etc are free.

    When knowledge and tools are put into the hands of an entrepreneur, anything can be accomplished.

    I have been around a long time on the Internet. You can usually find me @ Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on Telegram @ https://t.me/hivekeep

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      Originally Posted by Thomas Prendergast View Post

      When knowledge and tools are put into the hands of an entrepreneur, anything can be accomplished.
      I would have to agree. MarketHive has every tool an entrepreneur can ask for. Now that I've wrapped up the last few web sites, it's time to dig back into the tools and use my knowledge to accomplish some additional goals.

      I have been on the Internet since 1999. I'm here to share what I have learned about online marketing, web design and SEO strategies.

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  • Force multipliers in marketing begin with strategy and process. Modern marketers must create new strategies because we all know the marketing landscape has evolved and changed dramatically, equally impacting both retailers and brands. Linear thinking is doing business in the Age of Yesterday. Force multipliers explode the myth of linear thinking to give marketing teams the opportunity to keep up with the pace of change.

    If you want to grow your startup, and you are only reaching one customer at a time, one market or one partnership at a time, you’re not going to grow fast enough to be competitive, especially against the larger players that have a full infrastructure in the marketplace. These force multipliers allow you to scale up rapidly, and reach opportunities you could not support any other way.

    But force multipliers used without focus are not enough to make a company great. Top entrepreneurs still have to decide what activities and tools are the most important for their domain and their environment. We all have limited resources and time, and need the right force multipliers to leverage every single element of both.

    Of course, the concept of force multiplication goes far beyond your startup networks. Simple force multipliers, like product cost reductions and powerful new software tools, have been around for a long time. Every team member needs to constantly seek forces that can multiply their impact and productivity. What new force multipliers are you using in your startup today?

    We have an answer for that!

    I have been around a long time on the Internet. You can usually find me @ Twitter and Instagram. I can be contacted on Telegram @ https://t.me/hivekeep

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    If you begin to use the Markethive inbound marketing services which are made for two way communication with your current customers and your potential customers. It then can becomes a path to show off your new and current products you have in your portfolio to these people you have engaged with your inbound marketing efforts.

    So using the Markethive Free inbound marketing services will help build customer awareness and will be helpful for your buyers giving feedback and improvement ideas. Many businesses have found this kind of tactic as a better alternative to traditional advertising.

    For now see how Market integrates into WordPress. Watch my training video showing how the new Markethive WordPress Plugin can show of your blog postings on yours or someone else’s domain.

    For further information contact Brian Walters

    Skype: tuneup_bj
    Internet tools made simple I always begin at the beginning but I didn't invent the universe first
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