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This is a review for the Income Society Training Platform/Program.

I was one of the lucky people to be invited to be a beta member early last year (or late 13) and it happened to have been a time I was seriously struggling so the timing was perfect for me to start something new. Although it is not available yet I wanted to share this with future upcoming members.

The product:

One of the first and foremost things to note is the fact that you will have a mentor or coach along with 24/7 support, So you are never left alone. Even if you do happen to need help with anything you have it right there and it is prompt.

One of the things I personally enjoyed the most is the fact that the member area has been planned out perfectly for navigation and following along with your own progress.

There are 24 modules and to be able to progress to the next module you need to take a short test at the end of each video. Some modules have a single video and some have up to 5. You must pass the test with an 85% to move on after each video but in the unlikely event you don't pass you have the option to retake each one.

There was no stone left unturned in the planning and design of this training. It is very detailed, explicit and very clearly projected. The videos are clear, concise and clean. Each starts with a brief overview of what will be covered and then at the end will summarize what you learned so you are ready to take your test.

In each module there are resources, tips, helpful links and also an outline of what will be taught in each of the particular videos in each of the modules. Also a downloadable transcript as well.

This is the perfect system for someone looking to learn everything from the basics to the advanced internet marketing systems and know how to make money online when finished. You will most likely make money before you are 3/4 way through, I did and I know other members that did as well.

You will start with the basics of IM and move through the modules learning everything from how to and why you purchase a particular domain all the way to creating your first product and launching it, from affiliate sales to amazon and everything in between. How to really use the search function in the search engines, how to research a niche, choosing a niche that is profitable with out trial and error and a ton more.

Also, you have access to special training sections outside the main training area that cover everything from video hosting amazon s3 to understanding list segmentation to learning basic html for your own progress in the IM world. You also have the vault which has to many extra training mods to mention, to make a long review shorter, you are covered in every aspect of IM.

I have been around the block a few times and although I had been in IM for awhile prior to first joining as a beta member, there were so many things I had learned through the modules that I either had never seen before, heard of before or had never even thought of myself, It is that detailed.

It is not just a training program, it is an educational platform that takes you from a newbie off the street with zero knowledge to an elite marketer that knows the in's and out's and can almost make money on demand.

After you have finished and graduated the main training you get your own certificate for completion of the main program.

This, in my opinion is one of the most prolific and detailed training programs I have ever seen and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to have spoke with Ali, be coached and learn some things I didn't know prior, make money and to be able to be a member of this program.

I hope this helps anyone and everyone that is looking to really learn and understand the world of internet marketing, learn how to use the tools available to us as IMer's and best of all, how to make money from following a proven system.

If you want to learn more about it, have questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
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    So it has been a year since you became a beta tester and it is still not available.

    And from your review it seems to me, because you really did not give any real information, that it is just basic affiliate training


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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      Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

      So it has been a year since you became a beta tester and it is still not available.

      And from your review it seems to me, because you really did not give any real information, that it is just basic affiliate training


      Actually yes, I did go through the beta last year and one of the main reasons it is not available yet is because they have went over it with a fine tooth comb, refining, making sure everything is setup and functioning correctly for everyone and to show with proof that there are people making money using the system of training.

      During the beta the actual main site was not finished or completed. It is extremely extensive and it isn't just for or about basic affiliate training. I thought I was pretty clear on the info shared but I can give you more detail.

      There are 24 modules just in the main training, the first few are basic yes, but there are some tips and tricks embedded amongst the info in the training videos even for advanced guys. The later modules go all the way to product creation and getting it online.

      I have been doing this stuff for 5 yrs now and I can say this, just the niche research module (4 videos) has some info I've never heard of or knew about previously and it changed how I research everything now. I'm not saying others don't know about it or its some kind of secret, just saying there is some very valuable info shared.

      Each module in the main training is very detailed and extensive, it leaves no stone un-turned so to speak. It goes from beginner level affiliate marketing all the way to advanced marketers and product creation and getting you making money using all the platforms in between, that's the best way to describe it.

      In the special training area there is another batch of extensive training on numerous different IM related topics such amazon s3, list building, how to build a list, segmentation, SEO, squeeze pages, solo's etc etc etc, to much to list here. Then there is the vault which also consists of another 9 pages of training which includes training on html, how to add text boxes, cpa, amazon video hosting and tons more.

      I guess I didn't go into to much detail of each module which would really take up about 5 pages to do, there are some modules that have a single video and some with up to 5, each time you finish a video and if you feel like your ready then you take a test to make sure you understood what was shared and then you can move on to the next one. Some tests have as few as 5 questions up to 12 if I remember correctly, I'd have to go open each test again to be exact.

      .So in a nut shell, it is for any one new to internet marketing that wants to learn everything from the basics to advanced, its for intermediates who want more and for advanced as well that want to climb into the product creation arena.

      I apologize if I wasn't clear on some things and wasn't sure if it was ok to add videos in here or not. I have recently done a few review vids showing the member area and the modules along with navigating and what you learn inside.

      pm me and I'll send you a link to the review vid.

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    Please check another thread --
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      Not sure why you needed to hijack my review thread with a link to another reviewers review of the same product since both are in the same board... If someone does a search for an IS review both reviews show up in the search...

      I find it a little disrespectful personally...

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