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Hi All,

I've been using FreeMind for a few years and like it very much.

A long time ago I used MindJet and the $300 price tag (or what ever it was then) made me REALLY like FreeMind.

Do you know of any reasons why MindJet is better than FreeMind?

They have a 30 free trial on the newest version "8"

What should Look for in mindjet that is better than FreeMind?

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    Not sure about Mindjet but I have always used Freemind as well...it's awesome.

    I always use it for new product development of how the modules will flow. I don't know how people go without using it...unless they do it on paper:-)

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      Yes ... I use paper and pencil. Just the way my brain thinks ... hand bone is connected to the 'think' bone.

      But for collaboration, I like bubbl.us - it's free and you can share your stuff, email it, etc.
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        I haven't used FreeMind, so I can't compare the two.

        I use MindJet and love it.

        It's no longer so expensive.
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    you might want to also consider Novamind - Mind Mapping Software | Productivity, Planning, Learning, Communication . It's a great mindmapping program too, with lots of useful features.

    You get a 30 day free trial of the full version.

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      I like MindJet's MindManager the best. When I evaluated Mind Mapping software I needed something that was flexible in formating, was able to keep detailed notes per topic, could launch external programs and could be used on PocketPC, amongst other factors.

      For me it came down to MindManager and FreeMind. The main reason I went with MindManager was that it's flexibility in formatting allowed me to grow a map downwards (not just sideways) and had good notes. The PocketPC aspect was covered by PocketMindmap, however modifying notes was not ideal for me.

      As for $300, with version 7 of MindManager I believe there was $99 edition (without all the functions) and a Free viewer. I am not sure if this is the case with version 8.

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        MindManager gets another vote from me
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    DevonThink is what I use. It's the first one that works for me and my Mac. I just now looking into FreeMind.

    What are some of the things that any of you like about FreeMind.

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      Been using MindManager for many years. It was really cheap when I first bought it. It's grown tremendously in functionality, but so has the price!

      I looked at Freemind recently - a team of my colleagues wanted to start mindmapping, and mutliple MindManager licenses was more than we were prepared to pay.

      Freemind does the basics of mindmapping pretty well. However I found that MindManager had really spoilt me with all the formattling options. I found myself cursing Freemind whenever I wanted to pretty up a mindmap.

      An online option that might be worth looking at is MindMeister - allows you to upload MindManager maps + you can collaborate with others online. There's both a free and small subscription option.


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