Has Anyone Bought SEO Catalyst-Any Reviews?

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I was looking at SEO catalyst and it does look pretty good but so did Instabuilder,Social Engage and a few other bombs recently so i was hoping someone has bought it used it and is happy with it,or, if not please let us know before we buy it.

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    Am wondering the same. Same guys put out Niche Site Formula [NSF] some time back, cant find anything on this either as an indicator.
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      This is unusual for it to be so quiet on a new product launch, it really helps warriors to make informed decisions on a newly released product. I always check this section first. All those bonuses they are offering in the classified section is crazy. looking forward to an honest review..
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        I'll keep away from it, the software links to PBN's and spins articles, 2 things google has previously come down hard on. Probably work in very short term but I would'nt be risking it on any long term site.

        Agree it is unusual for this forum not showing any feedback, or is it there hasnt been any sales??
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    Plenty of people have bought it (1500+ sales and counting), but many warriors already know to stay clear of these type of seo products. Maybe most of the sales have come from people outside of the forum. I sure wouldn't buy it, for the same reasons Bruce stated.
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    As soon as a sales page says anything on the lines of "just push one button and attract hordes of buyers..." I am gone!
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    There are 3 other threads on SEO Catalyst but when I try to access them, I get a blacked out screen. Is this just me or has the forum blocked these views?

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    With SEO software, if it seems too good to be true...its because it is.
    Steer clear of PBN's and backlinking "SEO" software to stay on the safe side.
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