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I was approached on Linkedin by one of their employers back in January, offering to try pre-release version and give some feedback. I'm not a big person in sales or marketing, probably they were offering it to everyone interested in time management, as I'm a member of one of these groups on Linkedin.
I'm usually very enthusiastic about different startups and high-tech services, and I decided to try it just for fun. Now, when their service officially released, and I've got less than 60 more days of trial I decided to write a short feedback, as they asked, and a review for those who might find this service useful. So, what exactly do they offer?

Their services are based on 999sales.com
At the moment there are only 2 services available: "Lost & Missed Emails" and "Who Removed You?". They cost $0.99 each.

The first one monitors your Gmail inbox, and if you forget to respond to some email, it will send you a reminder email. It seems to work pretty well, I received reminders only for real people's emails, and not for newsletters and promotions. So I can say their email recognition algorithms are pretty good.
At this moment only Gmail is supported. I use Gmail as my main email, but not everyone does. Adding support for other email providers will be really useful.
Will I continue using this service after my trial expires? I don't think so. I don't receive so many emails every day to start getting confused. I'm just a photographer doing my marketing on my own, not some huge sales guy. I always keep my inbox clean, so I don't forget to respond to emails within 1-1.5 days.
But anyway, service is interesting and techy, and cheap. I think it will find its niche somewhere in sales or among top managers, where I suppose forgetting to respond means losing clients and huge money.

The second service monitors your social networks and sends you names of people who unfriend you. Potentially useful tool for social media marketing, but at the moment it only supports Linkedin and Twitter, which I don't use much. I do most of my social media marketing on Facebook and Vkontakte, Russian social network, and I doubt that they will ever include support for it.
They say that they are going to add support for Facebook and Google+ soon, so I may try it again when they add Facebook support.

I hope this review was useful
Good luck to all startups!
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