Wow! I just discovered It's fantastic.

by Adorer
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I have been looking to take courses to get basic training on programming, marketing, design etc... The college course offered near me goes for $1,400 for one semester. I contacted my local library and they are not providing courses on these topics but are in Excel, PowerPoint and other office programs. I also placed an ad on Craigslist for a private tutor - but so far no one is biting.

The librarian just recommended to me Lynda.Com and I went there and it is excellent. I am getting the first 10 days for free and after that it will be $25 per month.

I am taking now the Keyword course and I am learning a lot and the information is presented professionally. I'm having fun.
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    This is one of the oldest and best clearing sites online - I learned html there more years ago than I want to admit. Fantastic resource an so inexpensive for what you get.

    Another great place for inexpensive courses is - amazing deals site and not all just for mac people either.
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    lynda is an really good source to learn online. They teach properly with less amount
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    Thanks for posting. I agree they have the best prices and beat udemy hands down on pricing at least.
    Thank you both (Adorer and Melody) for sharing.

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    And what I love about is that you can preview parts of a lot of courses, so you can see if it's going to work out for you. Cheers!
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    They are teaching through Skype ? That's really cheap for an online course
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    • Profile picture of the author estebillan is good, but I should add I have not paid for a Udemy course for some time.

      There is a WSO on how to do this. Completely legit and with the instructors blessing.

      I am doing a Twitter course and I went from zero to 1000 followers in 4 days!!

      Good education is worth the time, no doubt.
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