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Does anyone know of any site that has 'AUDIO/VIDEO' instruction (tutorials) on Article Writing? I have spent a ton of money on eBooks and not been able to make a penny. My articles for the most part are rejected. Please DON'T refer me to any ebooks. I have a reading/learning disability and I am a verrrrrry slowwww reader. Most often I have to reread everything two or three times just to get a sampleing of what is being said. On the other hand, I hear or see something done and most often than not I can do it. Might be slow at first but I get it! There has to be something out on the vast net that instructs via video and audio. BTW - My disability in no way hinders my ability to write. I can write my a** off. I just don't know the proper structure and how to market them. Thanks
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    From your post, I can see that you can express yourself fairly well. And "fairly well" is better than most when it comes to article directories.

    I think the reason your articles are being rejected is because of keyword stuffing.

    Try to submit another article, this time, mention your keywords only 4 times for a 400 plus word article.
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    I suggest you post some of your articles for review in the forum (maybe the copywriting forum), and we will be able to help.

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    Keyword stuffing is often a major issue for new writers. Structure is also a big issue for some. Try to keep each paragraph short and to the point instead of long and having multiple topics.
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    If your looking for Audio content a company called yournetbiz has a complete library of this type of content and so much more all with resale rights

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    Just to highlight the previous posters comments. YourNetBiz has taught me more with Audio and Video tutorial in the last month than I was able to learn in the last 4 years on my own with countless Ebooks and gurus. Check out my website if you want a free tour. No hype, just the facts. Best of luck bro!
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    Originally Posted by swtp43 View Post

    Does anyone know of any site that has 'AUDIO/VIDEO' instruction (tutorials) on Article Writing?
    There are some great free article writing/marketing videos at:

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    If you hate reading written instructions/tutorials you can let computer to read it for you... there's a web based application that can do the tricks visit (not mine)
    They even have wordpress plugin that can make your blog talk... pretty cool!

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    You might also want to get some articles that have been properly formated and optimized in a way that the ezines love. Get them with the full Private label rights so that you can edit them as you wish. As others have mentioned above DO NOT over fill your article with keywords they will pick that up right away and reject them. I am sure you have done this but just in case, be sure to read the instruction from the directory you wish to submit to fully. Based on your post it appears that you can write so just keep it clear structured and keep your keywords widely spread no more than 4 or 5 that should help ya. Good luck.

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    This may be what you're looking for.

    Jenn is a fellow warrior, and her course is video and mind map based. You'd probably really benefit from the coaching too, it would give you valuable feedback.
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  • In response to the earlier post about text readers, I have found that the "text aloud" text to speech program is one of the clearest to understand especially with the natural voices narrators.
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        Try 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. It has about 25 videos which walk you step by step through the entire Bum Marketing process. It cost $29. The videos make it very drawn out and unnecessarily long, but if you really want videos, that seems like a good option. It also comes with an ebook called Conversations with Travis which is a fictional account of a conversation with Travis Sago, the Bum Marketing guy, who explains the whole process of Bum Marketing in a novel type format. But considering your question, the videos are what you'll want to focus on.

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    Here's something that can help you.
    Go to:

    Then go to Day 5.
    And click on the Unique Article Writing link.

    Caro does an excellent job of explaining how to get your articles accepted.

    Good Luck!
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