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Any Real Reviews for Video Traffic Siphon yet?
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    Is there even a product by that name? I found a Website called, but there's nothing there.

    Aside from that, I can't find any mention of such a product anywhere.

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      Originally Posted by essmeier View Post

      Is there even a product by that name? I found a Website called, but there's nothing there.

      Aside from that, I can't find any mention of such a product anywhere.

      OK, then it's all clear to me. It looked a bit scammy to me. Probably they got suspended or something?

      Thanks anyway! ;-)


      Just got another e-mail.

      The product is called Traffic 3.0 for $197

      It's about Video and Facebook Retargeting. I don't know........
      This is the link (non affiliate)
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          Originally Posted by rdv View Post

          Hi there.
          Video Traffic Siphon just went live yesterday 25th April.
          - its a very low priced upsell for Video Cash Machine which is #3 best seller on JVZoo.

          You can find out more here: Video Cash Formula
          Do you remember the cost by chance?

          "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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            It's $297 US, Ray and still open, as far as I can gather for a couple of days.
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    Hey Guys -

    I'd say be aware! I rarely review any product - but this one, I must share my insights.

    The techniques taught in there are widely spread and for free! The second day of purchasing their product I emailed them asking for a refund (Which also I RARELY DO - But I felt offended by the price tag and what's offered) - then they replied denying my request.

    I contacted Zaxaa (the payment gateway) which said they can do nothing. And up-till this moment, those guys wont refund or reply.

    Its a total waste of time, and I really feel ripped off and offended.

    PayPal disputes do NOT help in Info Products and that's why they're ignoring with confidence (which is cheap).

    They say in their webinar they mentioned that they would ONLY refund if you try and fail , well, I did NOT see the webinar and rushed to buy based on a recommendation from a trusted marketer (whom I won't be trusting anymore) and the purchase page had a clear 30 days money back guarantee without conditions.

    I think the least they can do is honor their refund policy and issue that refund without questions.

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    Sharing it here is unethical.

    All I can say is: It all about FB Retargeting. with a little twist. It's talked about in many many forums , I do not know if I am allowed to mention other forums in the public , but you can PM me.

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      Rami, the course is exactly like we said it was. If you reveal what we do that shows you are not acting in good faith. The refund policy is clear, it's for action takers and we've sold a ton of stuff and the reviews on this course are fantastic already. Honestly we sold you exactly what we said, I know this works and your statements are completely unwarranted.

      I wish you well
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          I bought it and then couldn't get my video views down cheap enough. Despite someone saying that the methods taught elsewhere for free, I hadn't seen them so I found it helpful. However, despite my repeated attempts, the cost was still too high so I finally asked for a refund. I had communicated several times over a couple of weeks with tech support and with them in their Facebook account, and I got my refund within a few hours of my request w/ no hassles...
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        I ordered a $972 product from ricky manta and affiliate pig. They did not deliver. When i went to paypal they offered a 75% refund. Today they claimed to paypal that they delivered the product. What a scam. All i downloaded from them was an order sheet i had to fill out to order the product. Everybody else just gives you a form page or an email with the details they want. Not these guys, they make you download an order sheet. Then they claim to payal that they delivered the product online. If they really delivered they would not offer 75% refund in the first place. There are many people on the net complaining about them.
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    Ricky - Check your PM as I do NOT want to comment to your message publicly yet.

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        Originally Posted by Jami2 View Post

        not sure if this is the right thread but I'm looking for something that embeds a pixel after clicking on an image or really a video that already was popular. I just want that. I don't want a whole system.
        PM Ricky - the guy posting above my last post - It's his course that all this thread was opened for.
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    Rickymataka is a pitchman .. all these expensive products should have clear complete satisfaction guarantees.. If not.. all the purchase risk is on buyer... and most of the products are just weak rehash..
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