Reviews of Steve & Barry] R.I.P. 25M Facebook Fanpages = Make 100k the Easy Way

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So I have read some negative things about Barry Plascow and his partner.

They obviously are really good at selling. I attended a webinar yesterday about an application that looked very sweet to run a business around facebook doing some very interesting things.

Did anyone here buy this and do you have any feedback? Have you been in the members area?

Things change fast and I am not sold that these guys will keep the software updated and running. However, what it did was pretty amazing and I could see it working very well for offline businesses.

However, I see these guys pitching all sorts of products and my big concern is support. Also they have put out softwares before that were buggy and didnt work as advertised and it looked like people were really struggling to get support and or a refund.

This is not cheap either at $897.00

So if you have experience with this particular offer, I would like to hear what you think so far as I think their first webinar selling this was yesterday.

There hype and scarcity is over the top and did leave a bad taste in my mouth...but they sure can sell.

Dr Net
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