"Video Lead Box" -- Ok, now I'm TOTALLY confused!...

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A long time ago (1+ years ago), I bought a product called "Video Lead Box"

There is CURRENTLY a product being marketed BIG TIME that is ALSO called "Video Lead Box." Their sales page is at videoleadbox.NET --- The product I BOUGHT is at videoleadbox.COM

-- Are they TWO DIFFERENT products??? Seems like it!

Please advise.


-- TW
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    LOL - I was asking myself the same question! And to be honest - there have been so many similar products lately, I am totally confused. Would love to get feedback from someone that has some experience with the various video option products that flooding the market right now
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      Brett Rutecky has an unbiased review at his site for this product. I think there is enough info there to get the gist of what it does, although he only talks about the front end.
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