[Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creation.

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I am going to make a review for [Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creation.

Now I have considered long and hard whether I should make this kind of review here. Considerations upon considerations, with multiple consultations with various parties, while weighing up the pro and cons for this action.

I finally concluded that my review on [Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creationwill ultimately benefit our community and industry for the better, instead of not making any review at all.

So here goes. (This review will be kind of a chronological order, and all words are taken from the skype conversation, which will be available upon request for verification)

[Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creation by Nick Arnold (Warrior Forum Name: 4DayWeekend )

Sales thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...-creation.html

I bought the $1499 package, which includes 2 products, both a free report and a membership.

Estimated completion as per sales letter: 30 Days.

Date paid to Nick Arnold (in good faith): 22 Sept 2014

After payment, brainstorming for the project is done. We agreed on topic, product format, branding and all required credentials necessary to move forward.

Product will be in video format. As per sales letter, project should be complete by 22 October 2014.

After missing 22 October 2014 deadline, I began to micro manage, while offering my help to the project.

Delays continued from 12th November 2014 onwards.

I requested to see some of Nick's 'partially completed work', but he refused. Nick insisted on giving me the completed job at the end of project. He keeps on assuring me that his work is top quality, highlighting his "copy and design for a JVZoo POTD, Design for another JVZoo POTD, and Design for a WSOTD".

From then onwards, the most obvious recurring occurrence from this project are the continued missed deadlines.

Total Deadlines Missed: 9 (between Nov 12th 2014 to March 18th 2015)

Excuses given by Nick Arnold for the missed deadlines (Benefit of doubt are given for these excuses)

- Missing email from inbox
- Outsource delay
- Eye treatment
- Internet problem
- Phone hard line needs fixing
- Phone hard line need to be fixed by an engineer
- Another engineer required to fix fiber optics
- Christmas
- Missing cpanels details that was I sent over via email and skype
- Gmail problem
- No access to computer because he is at gf place
- Bells Palsy problem
- Unable to upload progress as project files are at his 'office machine'
- Doctors appointment
- Flu

Excuses given by Nick Arnold for the missed deadlines that I do not accept:

- The guys in the office took him out for a meal
- Birthday
- Weekend hangover

I have confronted Nick several times previously for the delays of this project. He apologized and offered a $499 package for free as compensation for his "Unacceptable Delay". I said all I want is my project to be completed and gave a final deadline.

But the final straw came when Nick used 'Weekend Hangover' in the weekend as the excuse for missing final deadline.

I confronted Nick Arnold and demanded my $1499 back. But he refused and said

"Unfortunately I can't afford to refund after i've done all the work".

"I'm going to go to bed now. By this time tomorrow, the videos will be in the drop box. I assure you that I will not miss this deadline. I'll message you when up to let you know."

And as expected, the next day, no results.

This was proceeded with me leaving a bad testimonial on the sales thread, and prompted a response from him to ask me to remove the testimonial, because he is afraid the testimonial would scare off another customer that he is currently working on.

I was dumbfounded because seeing that I am also one of his two customers. As a paying customer, I would think that I would get the same attention and urgency from him.

He begged and asked for another deadline. And he offered another product for free as a bonus again, to mend the situation.

This time I said yes because it may be worth my while with the free package, and also because I believe people deserve a second chance.

Unfortunately, Nick Arnold did not take his second chance seriously, and he kept delaying in delivering the products, this time with another bunch of excuses. (ranging from soccer tournament to mayweather-pacquiao fight)

As of writing this today, 13th May 2015, after almost 8 months as stated from the sales letter, the product was still NOT delivered completely as promised (FACT).

As for the other video product he offered for free? All that can showed for is a jpeg cover, I cannot verify that a single work on the videos was done.

Conclusion: I Do Not Recommend [Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creation at all. I am very upset with the loss of my financial investment on this project. But what I regret the most is the loss of TIME. Time is a commodity I will never get back. If you value your own time, please stay away from this vendor and this service. My time and resource are completely disrespected.

The carrot dangling to get extension for another deadline only for the promise to be broken again is really pisses me off. Although he showed me proof of some work for the project (not the free bonus one), but 8 months overdue coupled with all the excuses given is a bit too much. Bottom line, I have yet to get what I paid for.

Having a half completed work the same as getting a car without steering wheels, you cannot drive the car. Hence the decision for this review. Even when he said he guarantees quality work, I have lost all faith.

I understand that finding a reliable product creation vendor is tricky, but if you choose [Custom Product Creation] - Make SERIOUS MONEY with your own product. Bespoke creation service, it's very likely you will be left disappointed too.

I felt cheated out of my hard earned cash. Please spare yourself from my horrible experience.

Again, please PM me if you want proof of the communications, I would be more than happy to answer your questions and queries regarding this matter.
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    I find your story disappointing and unfortunate. I can only say that you have learned some very important lessons in this experience. You could probably journal your experience and advise others what to look out for.

    Hummm... the Chinese symbol for "crisis" is actually comprised of two symbols one being "Danger" and the other being "Opportunity".

    I suggest that the only way you have really lost money is that you have not learned from the experience.

    What about the opportunity? Could you turn experience into a product... could you create a blog....hummm.

    I hope this is resolved in your favor.

    To your success,
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