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I got my IP blocked by Craig's List for God knows what? I have not used them in years. Now I need to use them and can't get in and trying to resolve it with the email they suggest is a waste as they never respond.

I have changed my IP, cleared my cookies and history, to no avail. So my only other option is to use proxies or a VPN server. I am not real knowledgeable using proxies and tried installing one in my browser and it didn't seem to make any difference with something else I was doing.

So advice time folks. What do I need to do? If rent a VPN server, then please recommend one. There are so many and I can't for the life of me determine what the Hell the difference is.
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    Few different options, each with their own benefits.

    VPN, VPS, Proxies.

    I like VPS's . Essentially, you are building a computer in the cloud, which you control by remote desktop.

    There's atlantic.net, vps.net, hostwinds.com - Among many others. I've used all of them, and they are all solid choices.

    If you go this route, make sure you create a "desktop" VPS, usually windows server 2012.

    Dental Floss Tycoon

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      Originally Posted by Path Theory View Post

      If you go this route, make sure you create a "desktop" VPS, usually windows server 2012.
      I don't' understand this part. Are you saying to get a Windows server, or something on my desktop?

      Tim Pears

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        Originally Posted by timpears View Post

        I don't' understand this part. Are you saying to get a Windows server, or something on my desktop?

        Vps's have many different uses. When you create one, there are many different options. You can choose the operating system, the amount of Ram, CPU, and bandwidth you require.

        You can set all the other to the lowest option, (because you'll only be using craigslist and browsing) but you need to choose windows server as the operating system. Doing so, will allow you to actually connect remotely to that server.

        For instance, you will open remote desktop professional on your computer. You will input the IP, username and password for the server you created. When the connection is complete, a large window will pop up on your desktop. Within that window, will actually be another desktop - The one you created in the cloud. You can open browsers and surf the net, and everything will trace back to that server's IP, because you are essentially controlling another computer, from within that window.

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    For VPN or proxies you can choose sslprivateproxy.com as I am using them for couple of month

    And for vps you can choose solidseovps.com with windows server 2008 r2 standard as they are very reliable and no downtime
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    Are you looking for Vpn or vps?
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    You have three options.

    1 - Rent proxies from others. This is the easiest way to get IPs you can use. Downside is that you'll have to find someone who can provide IPs from geographic locations you need to post on CL with. However, I'd recommend this as it is easy, you don't need any technical knowledge and can start using them almost immediately.

    2 - Get a VPS and setup your own proxies. This, which sounds like what you were trying/thinking about, is the most technically involved one. However, it does give you cheap access to IPs, provided you want more than just one or two. Honestly, don't bother with this approach unless you are prepared to learn about setting up proxy servers AND you need more than just a couple of proxies.

    3- Try and reset your home IP. If you have a static IP, then not much you can do. But try switching your modem off overnight to see if your ISP assigns you a different IP. If you are using cable or something like that, then little chance this will work. Also, you'll only get one new IP and that limits just how much you can do with it. Might work for what you need.

    A VPN will probably work for what you want also, so that's about the same as 1 above. However, the problem is WHAT are you doing with the IPs? By this I mean how often are you posting? Are you posting in different cities/geographic locations? All of this affects the best solution for you.
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    Quality VPS deals can be got from a2hosting.com and regvps.com.
    Servers are well-balanced and support is active for 24 hours.
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    Hello trying to make a click here I'm sure you will help, I hope
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    Here are my 2cents and affordable too:

    Get Dedicated private proxies from a reputable provider (My recommendation proxy-hub.com)

    Use those on browser with some add on for rotation for proxies and post what you want accordingly on Craiglist.

    Just make sure to clean up cookies etc stuff and private proxies are already 100% Anonymous no worries.

    If you want some help from my end i'm here
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