Is All Traffic Garbage?

by timber
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I was looking for some alternative paid traffic sources and found, I bought 15k click, their metric says I got 15k, but there is no way I actually did. According to Google Analytics, I only got around 3k at most. Out of those 3k I got a whopping 4 new subscribers to my list.

I'm not going to bother going back to them and say Google says I only got 3k visitors from you, what's the point.

But my question, is are all of the "underground paid traffic sources" like this?
I was considering a few others as well, I bookmarked:
Ad Engage
Clickonomy - Looks very expensive
My traffic Source - Also Expensive
Traffic For Me - The most expensive of them all.

I would prefer to use Adwords, but my last account was shut down because I promoted a site that violated their terms, so they don't want me or my money.

FB is an option, but I wanted to give other sources a try first.

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    You definitely have your work cut out for you when trying to make link redirection traffic convert.

    I suggest you play around with your landing page.

    Create different versions and see which lead to better results.
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      If you add some boobs you will probably convert like crazy.
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        Originally Posted by lolCashlol View Post

        If you add some boobs you will probably convert like crazy.
        Helpful, thanks.

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          Garbage !!
          From my own experience, no question

          Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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          Originally Posted by timber View Post

          Helpful, thanks.
          why so negative? in my experience, most adfly content redirects to things like adult material and so called "free" programs. Correct me if i am totally off base, but when you add in sex, sex sells lol
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        Originally Posted by lolCashlol View Post

        If you add some boobs you will probably convert like crazy.
        Uhm. Not really. Don't ask how I know
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    Had a bad experience with it a few times. 100% pure garbage. Confirmed.
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    In two words... "pretty much"
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    Had some success with Rent A List with a somewhat provocative mail in the weight loss niche a while ago.
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    I also had no luck using Adfly traffic!

    Not saying you can't get it to work, but there are much better traffic sources out there that I prefer to use!

    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
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    There is at least ONE WAY you can make MONEY with traffic though.

    Since it is ethically in the 'gray area,' I wouldn't mention it.

    Think out of the box.

    Still, the basic test of whether something is ETHICAL or not is: Would I want it done to ME?
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  • Profile picture of the author hardworker2013 traffic is all garbage do not waste your money, i have bought some traffic a few times from them and the traffic is just rubbish. Try Facebook Ads, they are the biggest social network and they have improved there Ad platform.Internet marketers are now getting some satisfying results from them. Be sure to test and tweak your campaign according to the results you are getting.
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    Like everyone said, I think you have enough testimonials not to continue with them, there are plenty of other quality traffic sources. Use those.

    Best regards,

    CPA Beyond

    AM at CPA Beyond - #1 Private Network - Daily Payments (No Fees)

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    What are some traffic sources that would be good to use then? I was thinking of giving Reddit a try, but also Facebook or try and get something through Adwords.

    Any other traffic sources that I should look at?

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    abp even blocks sites, so user will see only a blank page instead of your site.
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    My traffic Source is not that expensive...

    $0.80 is a normal rate for HIGH QUALITY solo ads.

    Yes, you can buy clicks for $0.30 but they are not even close to being worth it.

    Calculate your average customer value, then you can see how much you can afford to pay for a lead.

    if you want something a little less expensive than My Traffic Source, you should try Peter Fan.
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    You have to be extremely creative to pull it off. Some advertisers manage to make crap traffic work. Usually with a free offer that's enticing (not just some free report).
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    Short answer : it is garbage traffic.

    Even NeoBux provides better traffic than does.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
    Click here now. (no opt-in required)

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    When it comes to traffic, i love to be strict about it because of my experience with small providers. They are nothing to write home about.

    I don't know how much you spent on but am pretty sure Google/Bing/YT/FB/Twitter or Forums will provide a better value for that sum.
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    All answers here are very helpful BUT the adfly traffic methods NOT set to have sales / leads / signups, it's all about drive traffic to your websites Home Page and increase the VIEW of your logo and website and by this way, you brand your self.

    That's why the big company buy PPV/CPM ads, do you know that Facebook use PPV ads, it's all about to see logo and to always remember the company.

    If you looking for sales / leads, go to Twitter / FB / Reddit and a lot of people ignore StumbleUpon, but it's drive valuable traffic.

    Pay to try and then set your plan, sometimes, money solve the problems.
    My website: BIPNs
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    Well as you can tell the user who has to go through an adfly link and see an ad is already somewhat annoyed, so I wouldn't expect to convert them - whether leads or sales. That said, getting 4 subscribers is actually quite good with such traffic
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    • Profile picture of the author Carsten Tiensuu is not worth the trouble. I´ve seen people selling websites on Flippa with traffic only monetized with Adsense, but I still think the traffic from it is not very good...
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