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Does anyone know of a good bulk emailer that actually delivers a message to an inbox and not the spam folder?
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      there are a few such as interspire and ARP Reach. depends on your end goal with the mailer.
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    Typically it's not the mailer that will cause mail to go to spam, unless it has a unique footprint that that is being associated with spam. Just a couple weeks ago there was a guy having a problem with ARP Reach and he removed from the email "Powered by ARP Reach" and his mail went back to inboxing. Another example is if the mails has some kind of unique headers and is associated with spam.
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    Have you checked, Rapid Mailer by Sean Donohoe is a good one, it is easy to use and setup.
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    The big company's will do this just fine, but a lot of them need to be optin or double optin confirmed first. If there is not some sort of optin process provided then the chance of its effectiveness is low and your message will probably arrive in the spam bin.
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    Do BOTH of these and you'll be fine

    1) Use a double optin list

    2) Send materials that are actually relevant to what the list members signed up for (in other words, don't send spam)
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    Originally Posted by henryw1981 View Post

    Does anyone know of a good bulk emailer that actually delivers a message to an inbox and not the spam folder?
    I'm not sure if this is a good question to ask if you're trying to stay in business online for the long haul.
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      Hey my friend I've used interspire and arp reach for self hosted email.

      I would say interspire has definitely outperformed arpreach...

      The biggest thing is making sure you are using good email practices like cleaning your list often, segmenting out the openers and clickers so you have a pure list of openers and clickers.

      Which give you the highest inbox rate.

      Also look into a smtp relay service like sendgrid.

      Hope that helps...

      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      I'm not sure if this is a good question to ask if you're trying to stay in business online for the long haul.
      you must have never been introduced to real affiliate marketers...the biggest guys in cpa are email marketers that mail commercial data...
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    Adopt a tried and tested process. Sign up for an autoresponder service, increase your subscribers and then when you send your mails they will go to inbox, provided
    Your contents are relevant to what your subscribers subscribed actually
    You are using autoresponder service from a reputed company that have nice reputation with ISPs like Google, Yahho etc.
    As others suggested, Double Opt in process increases your chances of deliverability of messages in inbox.

    Additionally, its more of a matter whether your subscribers read your content and take action on it. So even if your messages are going to their inbox and they are ignoring, you will hardly profit. So make sure to build your reputation with your subscribers. Provide them value or prove them how will you or the product you're selling (depending upon your niche) will benefit them while selling anything. A business is more successful when their first time customers become repeated customers...
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    Just a heads up, anything used with Wordpress is being flagged with ISP's around the global. If you're going to use one, please make sure you have a dedicated host and get your dns, mx and loops completed fully. Otherwise, you're going to get listed within 48 hours.

    ... Seans Rapid mailer, MyMail, Sendpress, etc etc.

    Main ISP's that are listing these mailers : Yahoo, Hotmail and AT&T (sbcglobal etcetc)


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    which ever software you use Create DNS A record and rDNS for each domain/subdomain/IP. Setup MX, SPF and DKIM for the main domain on your server to avoid mails going to spam.

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    You could take a look at Response Magic. They have been around for years and have a pretty good, albeit small reputation footprint on Google
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