Affiliate List Builders: Must See

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I usually create my own products to sell to my lists but I decided to create
a funnel that revolves mostly around Dan Kennedy's products (GKIC).

I highly recommend everyone to sign up to their affiliate program.

Just looking through and creating a specialized funnel around their high ticket products,

you can easily get around $5+ per subscriber per month if not WAY MORE.

(side note: all their high ticket programs are sold through great free content webinars which is also
a great way to provide immense value to your list.)

Why wouldn't you ride the co-tails of one of the most (if not the best) copywriters around?

I highly recommend you affiliate marketers take a dip into their affiliate program,

you will not be disappointed.

PS- Quit promoting crap affiliate products (like many WSO's here and ClickBank crap) and start promoting some real original and amazing content created by the pro's and GKIC.
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