Can I get an Honest Review of Gangnam Email Profits

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It is so frustrating sometimes to get an honest review of a product. I understand that it is a relatively new product. I searched Google extensively and the reviews are geared towards selling the product only(How GREAT it is). Does anyone have actual experience with the product. Definitely interested but I have learned many times that behind all the hype there are some challenges.

Please include your thoughts on the OTOs if you purchased them.

Thank you and have a GREAT day
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    I haven't used this product, but here are my thoughts about its sales letter:

    1. Wouldn't it be a copyright infringement of some kind as they’re using the word Gangnam (and Psy illustrations) on their sales letter?

    2. Whenever I see words like “rare system”, “effortless”, “complete autopilot”, “so simple that my 5 months old baby can do it”, I know it’s time to RAISE ME LEFT EYEBROW

    3. Proceed with caution
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      Thanks abhayhendre, I am thinking along the same lines.

      To find the best home based business ideas and
      opportunities so you can work at home.

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